Monday, September 28, 2009

number 53 ...

well this is fun having noticed this editions number : 53 ...

this is the number known in DreamSpell as Reed1 : QuetzalCoatl and Red Magnetic Skywalker.

Then is comes together in my sphere for a life with "3 Star in 3 Storm Moon" as labelled by the Mystery Queen.

I delivered an article where "Bolon Ik Bivid" rules from my bodily instruments:

s'ace - cees de groot (09:06:54) :

“when we first get the idea in order to realize what abundance is … then it will be there at instance” :{Guess Who Said This Quote?}:

when we refer to the DNA-codon meditation in 16 years by the Planetary Art Network Warriors then we might realize we just stick to the 64 I Ching hexagrams. The 7th is sort of getting the whole picture of the whole 6 days contemplating a rune, a hexagram (stage) and the Dreamspell Glyphs / Power Figures.

How is this in numbers?

Well , see for this array of numbers: 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 … they represent 2**x where x is resp. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 => 2**6=64 ; Okay? Does that make sense in a logic array / built up range?

Then re-considering the 7th day in DNA codon meditation which digit represents the 7th day where the whole is contemplated?

Either is it number 1 ( 2 powered by 0, zero ) or is it number 64 (2**6) ?

Or is it the summed range +1: summed range is always the sum of previous numbers and – mark this fact – it is 2x(last number) -/- 1! So to calculate the sum : just multiply the last number and subtract 1 …

Crux here is the (+1) factor , which is in fact any living creature on the planet …

Hey , Awake! dear Prudence ;-) )

Abundance then reaches out for the whole Tzolkin Carpet Ride !


Well, consider 64 as 63 + 1 as the whole single human factor by bodily illustration … ; then what can 2×64=128 be (also 127+1)?

I promote the vision this number 128 represents the whole of a lover pair ~ two people in full trust – and illustrating the life force and all essences that go with that …

Having contemplated that stage – we see for the figure 2×128=256 (255+1) …
This represents all people over the planet acting as a whole! in full trust (again: “Babylon Overcome” ; or NooDigm Installed!)

Then we look again to the Tzolkin Carpet itself … and we see 260 cells …
So what are the extra 4 cells?
In my vision That are the 4 Corners of the Spell at first sight … but then we see those 4 inteligent move over all cells as the magic square …

So 1 241 260 20 count up to 522 (9) and then
2 242 259 19 give the similar sum 522 …
and this proceed even in the seventh column in the center where the “twins” are active; see for 130 & 131 they count as 130 130 131 131 => 522

This is my contreebution for today … where Star3 is its Dreamspell Signature.

3th GAP in the whole range = KIN022 (similar number as 522 ~ “the whole human factor centered in 5 – the pentagram & X-factor”)

Then what is the relevance with this whole dispensensation on a planetary touchdown moment? (having notice of the article 3/3 and the comment?!)

63+1 = 7x9 +1 = number for a whole restored human body and setting for a puremind ?!

can you agree on that ... (what is your proposal, dear friend?)

Remember all good setups go in 3 and produce a 4th ! This is still similar to the story of the 3 musceteers who were actualy 4 : 4th representing the open mind! d'Artagnan (4'52=>56 ') = current wavespells leader Magnetic WorldBridger!)

then 64 = 1st marker for the setup in 3

128 is the 2nd marker and it delivers the whole relationship where 2 people are in a timecelltrust

256 is the 3rd marker and it delivers a whole trusted planetary being - where all creatures are unified!

And then it concludes in 4 (260 minus 256) as an H or as an X or N or Z : the 4 characters that bind the 4 :: points in a rectangle by a linespell.
This is in Tzolkin Terms known as the Magic Square: and it is rules by the number 522 (9): so 9 is the number that binds the whole; where 7 gives whole perception to a single creature; 8 gives that trust to a lover/trusted pair ; 9 gives it to the whole sphere ... the NOO ~ sphere ...

"arividerci" Bolon Ik 022 222 239 039 (522)

White Solar Wind fused by Earth/Mirror/Storm/Sun ("the 4 intelligent matrix/womb cornerstones") with
Overtone Storm, Magnetic Wind, Cosmic Storm

') bivid decodex ") converter delivers 4 for d and 52 for Artagnan
") simply AM=ZN=1-13

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