Thursday, September 10, 2009

09 09 09 + 1 daya

today is one day after this pope'ethical 09.09.09 grid experience ...

and surprise surprise what happened ... and from that what is to be understood ???

here the mailing from mr. calleman from sweden!

"Dear Friends of the Mayan Calendar Portal,

The time has finally come. After months of hard work, the new, enhanced, and completely revamped Mayan Calendar Portal web site is ready to be unveiled. For now, however, we're announcing it only to you, the members of our community.

While the site is also available to the general public, we will not be making a formal announcement until you have all had a chance to explore the pages and send us your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. And more content of course!

The purpose of the Portal, after all, is to serve as a community, so we want everyone to be a part of shaping the content on the site.

What better and more auspicious day to launch the new Mayan Calendar Portal, than at dawn today Central American time, 1 Imix, 09.09.09-the beginning of a fresh new Tzolk'in round and an elegantly symmetrical Gregorian date, the union of this Mayan-Western date holding a special resonance and significance to modern times.

And so, without further ado, we invite you to refresh your browsers and point them to"

so here is my focus on 1 Imix, 09.09.09

which states it is that day in the LONG COUNT which is the reference for Carl and his crew.

to be understood from this place

As Carl states it is "the beginning of a fresh new Tzolk'in round and an elegantly symmetrical Gregorian date" ... which analytic declaration is parallel to the dispensation started at kin001 july23 in the DreamSpell fresher prophesy ... from mr. José Arguelles and crew (Valum Votan)


How to handle these "differences" ?

Options "merge" ~ "letgo" ~ "fusee" ~ ... (more)

A fact is that 09 09 09 and this very date 09 09+1 09 ... (september 10, 2009 - kin50 and kin 2 -challenging wind- in longcount) state that "this blogs revelation is addressed" ...


this for the moment ~ hope one sees the moment "a person expieriences as a greatping"


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