Sunday, September 20, 2009

crop message decode 1999

This is very sharp looking in the GLASS !

watch this 1999 & 9991 ...

where 1999 is a years number in gregorian countdown/up,
and 9991 is the alternative frequency replacing the 7777, according this kweekspell aka "noodigm" or Noödigm revelation/dispens(ense)ation.

Here the crop that guides this from over 10 years ago:

what do we see?
and how to describe a process that has no sequence although it weaves and shows patterns?

Can the big center be the DôME ~ portal which synchronizes each 13Moon of 28 days into its next occurence?

Can each Spiral set with 4 circles be taken as 1 kweek?

Can the small dots be taken as the 9 daya in a kweek?

Then 3 sets of kweeks add up to 27 days and the syncronizing day takes 1 out of the 4 bigger circles: total of 3 integral timecells that radiate the uniqueness for the whole transmission by the portal DôME : Daya of Moon Expierience.

so then we might also write some labels on the crop image?

Then see for the digits on this image: 7 21 99
This sums to 28! the number of timecells type daya in a timecell type moon as 13moon calender just does ... in a perfect harmonick.

Okay ~ this blog pivots the idea from a 7777 equilibrium into a 9991 "noödigm" setup in a time where the whole financial system on earth exploded the telepathic faith wires from people in their "sovereigns".

Maybe mark this as crucial when the prophesy simply says Pacal Votan returns to the planet with his lover Bolon Ik.


Another crucial fit from the digits presented is 7 and 21 ...

they also inform on 14 ; which is the number for each hand and each foot.

and they inform on 3 while 21/7 gives that outcome ...

99/3 = 33 = 20+13 and has many narratives related to a God figure "Trinity".

( dont know if this is relevant however it strikes ... :)

so here each kweek stands for 33; 33+33+33=99 + 1 DôME = 100 ( % ) a WHOLE ratio


then 21 is similar as 777 and that is pivoted into 999 (27)
(remember the mythic Quetzalcoatl as the 27 associated figure)

and ... 21 is also H2O (water) ratio while it has 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogenius components as atoms.

"march on courage" ;-{ S'ace }-:

dutch GLAS = 7 12 1 8 => 28 (just take this as my humoresk accent)

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