Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Time & Phi Correlate ~ PerFect Splendor

(see clip here)

The point here is ... it perfectly fits in the idea to change MoonWeekSemantic 28/7 into 27/9+1 ;-))

And ... intuïtively we break through the 7 's below 2000 ... set by ??? (Western Clever Popes/Populars) into AnOther ManKinD'emocracy ...

:{ was this to quickly speeding up our co*cluesions ? put on your critic / honor / praise }:

to be diseminated planetary wide!

Bolon Ik Aligned Human S'ace :{ 9th tone of IX/Wizard Wave ~ Born Moon Magnetizer }:


it should be not'iced that 144 is derived from ADM = 1 4 13 (4) = 18!

18 is the relation of two open human beings: 9 to 9 / 9 and 9 ...

remember here phi'loop beyond the 2 lovers 1 and 6:

1.618181818181818181818181818181 !

did we rely on 1+6 and 8 minus 1 ??? before 9 1 1 ?

let us merge, pall

one and infinity make 9 ... heaven on earth

1 + 6 + 1 => infinity :: inner child being

8 + 1 => the pivoted challenge at each persons sight and side ...
manifesting liberated humanity


Sunday, April 26, 2009

6 Daya MidPoint as MythPeriod ?

Now it is time to set free the psi-quetzal-double-vortex') ... which is about 3x27 daya which brings us in the first noosphere congress in indonesia ... and there the "kweek" is ignited by so many souls awakened in the new time dispensensation ... indeed a wrord that includes "pensé" ~ refer to Le Penseur.

Maya 11 & 12 are portaldaya ...

Red Resonant Moon
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I channel in order to purify
Inspiring flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

bivid-decodex of kweek :: 11-4-5-5-11 => 36 (9)
(daily oracle attempt)

in lak'ech(T well) álá MaYa GoodDaYA ;-)

') psi-quetzal-double-vortex is actually to be articulated as psi-quetzal-triple-vortex !

3 refers to triple!

psi refers to the intuïtion talent of a human being ... aligned to a grid / awakened from "illusion dominance"

quetzal is basically a packaged tzolkin wave of 13 kin expanded with 2x7 kin (2xthe same kinspan)
total 27 kin bringing up number 28 (number 0/zero pivoting one mooncylcle into the other)

The first 7 Seals repeat at the end of 27 Seals (including 13 of the Wave, here the Star Wave)
It is a Law of Moon the Moon-included Wave (Yellow Star1) ends up in its 8th Tone (daya 28: DoME) by then being indluded in the next Wave (Red Dragon)

Vortex is a chaotic arousal of energy that facilitates its chaordic intelligent outcome.

~~~ SO ?

Well ~ ART-i-clés T I P P I N G P O I N T -

The TRIPLE vortex is a phenomenon that is aligned to the musical triplet of SOUND ~ RHYTM ~ MELODY ...

See the Synchronization Daya 28 as it CONFIRMATION CELEBRATION ION !

The DoME daya has a Seal however skips the Plasma/Agent-Tempest (=Power/Energy/Informative-Catalyser)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

19th posting ~ setting free metaphysical entree

well, this is not a narrative ...
althought it might set free a narrative in the invited co~creators aboard ...

here is the link ...

and here are two figures in the line of the formula this blog initiates as people mindset at 3th milllenium era:

and see this one at its side ...

Figure again what TIME is ...

To see what Pascal's Triangle has to do with Sierpinski's Triangle visit this site.


and ?


Someone close to me offered this clue:

"3 horizontal dimensions ... being striked by 1 vertical"

so ~ what ?

isnt this just as the 3 musceteers who bring forth the 4th one ...

isnt is number 7 bringing forth number 8 ...

isnt it number 8 bringing forth number 9 ...

etcetera ... ra ... merging our fusion ... our creative mind fusions in an insight-inteligence matrix , our humane womb and give that harmonic and harmonizing revelations that grow from all aligned in "a grid" ...

Namaste*Y S'ace

joking: PasCal somehow unlocks the Call for Passion ... ;-)

Akonai InterConnecting 4 YearTimeSpan

As this blog promotes / ignites the idea for a kweek ... a week of 9 days that c'enters the Moon Experience as the Dream of People on this Planet Earth ...

it also promotes the idea the Doot - Day out of Time - phenomenon of LawofTime and PAN - planetary art network - should slightly change itself to a hreath in and breath out ... :

Have the Kweek as the Now Amplitude that Illustrates the Perfect FreQuency ... 27 & 28 as 0 / zero ...
as the inhale of the breathing humanity at large & greatness ... C'entered in the DôME ~ Daya of Moon Experience ~ simple just that ...

Have the Quant (4 YearBase) as shift of leapday into the Day of Time Experience once every 4 years "pre"setting" the new cycle of 4 years having it beween the DôYE and DreamSpellLabel for that 1st new Year as a Quant-cycle ... DôYE as a label indicating the YearCycle as Daya of Year Experience ... Planetary DôYE DôME DôTE ... toGether DOing US ~ Unified Spirits ... by any chance token at the right moment ...

Releasing Soul Fear - by Kuthumi from Jeshua B. Swanson on Vimeo.

well, part of this is also in this allmighty pioneering / mazing story ... (after 60 minutes ~)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DoME ~ Daya of Moon Experience

Traveling Time can be stimulated by addressing 13Moon calendar in a Whole Planetary Weaving.

That is why this formula [ 3x (1+3+1+3+1) +1] addresses its spices as logical, orderly and consistent ..
and is also interconnecting greater cycles into its womb of life ... and womb is both matrix and spiral fusing.

One might also say

logical reflects the sensoric realm and left brain/right chest quality of a human being

orderly reflects the telepathic realm and right brain/left chest quality (heart) of a human being

consistent reflects the catalytic realm and weaving ratio womb quality (whole body) of a human being

That womb including its both dual however interconnected realms is wired to the bigger picture by the navelstring ... the +1 particle in the evolution of spacetime ...

The Year Character
Is symbolized by its masculine carrier ... here day 5 of the 1st Moon "Seed 4" ... similar as in DreamSpell Calender.

The Moon Character
Is symbolized by both its first Daya as well the 28th (new zero: 0) ... here Sun 13 as starting Date and Star 2 as its closure ...

Sun 13 Spell reads:

Yellow Cosmic Sun
Green Central Castle of Enchantment
Earth family- Polar
Clan- Fire
Galactic Activation Portal

I endure in order to enlighten
Transcending life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a galactic activation portal
Enter me

Star 2 Spell reads:
Yellow Lunar Star
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Signal
Clan- Blood

I polarize in order to beautify
Stabilizing art
I seal the store of elegance
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of universal fire

This Very Daya Spell = Wind 6 reads:
White Rythmic Wind
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Core
Clan- Fire

I organize in order to communicate
Balancing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the rythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

Out of the "initial complex" Readings we see how the Blood Clan Harmonized STAR 4 is ignited this very day by the Fire Clan WIND 6 ... and also by its preceding yellow mate Fire Clan SUN 13 ...

13 affirms transcending "what we as people have to overcome ... in this womb of spacetime ur-soup"

6 affirms equalizing "what was disturbed by mixed up connections"

4 affirms forming "the planetary amplitude for its justified harmonizing gulf / womb"

namaste*Y S'ace ~ Bolon Ik / Ix waved Mobilizer : White Solar Wind (DreamSpellProgram) :: Yellow Crystal Sun (LongWave MayanAncientCount)

Universal Lounge / Launch

Dear Mahendra ~ i here Quôte your lines at the Universal Lounge / Launch : "The definition of coherency is either a logical, orderly and consistent state of parts, or the state of being connected. In spiritual terms, it is both together. When we seek to apply Intention to manifest, a nebulous goal or an unfocused path will prevent the energy of creation to materialize. Similarly, when we forget the greater good and seek selfish goals, our results are also less. To apply a coherent attitude, we use the strength that comes from our connection to all to move resolutely towards our goal."

The structure in your first line here is pretty similar as the natural structure of a moon of 28 days ... but then not 4x7 but in a 3x9+1 structure , a week of 9 days - a kweek / queek:

the structure in the daytypes (above) might be seen as 1+3+1+3+1 where the 3x1's cover the consistent state of parts (sphere) and the parts are the 2 3's: the logical first 3 covering the sencoric realm, the orderly / responding second 3 covers the telepathic realm. (this all repeats 3x a Moon)

then the +1 day covers all 27 as the intend and synchronicity cell and (in coherent line) is day 28 / also day 0 - zero of a full moon in 13 moon calendar.
we might refer to that as daya of moonexperience: DôME ...

or seen the 13 as 12 + 1 where the last moon completes the cycle of 13.

to that the last day of the year (july 25) - day number 365 (13x28=364+1) completes a year cycle : day of year experience: DôYE

leapday should be next to that each 4th year, completion of 4 yearcycles:
day of time experience: DôTE

with your permission i put it on my blog covering this storyline which intends to set this new week commitment / design of this pivotal time.

namasté S'ace

here the first 5 MooNs in this setup where daya is symbolized by profound glyphs which also weave 13 moontones / dynamical interconnecting noosphere wires through there mix of weavings ...

(the yellow day on the right is daya 28 and 0/zero; it naturally carries a full moon through the living species on the beautiful planet - see its origin pivotal core)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Red Earths Mirror

As this day, Friday April 10, leads the next one , April 11 ~ easter Saturday, it is also referred as "Good FriDay" ... wierd enough it goes on my instrument here with :

"RUBY TUESDAY" Sung by an older Lady ... Melanie ...

"it is wonderful to be an older woman" (or was it originally Who? Man!)

which leads to the conclusion: "a wiser man" who got strings to insight-intelligence layers guiding pace and peace ...

~~~ So this day of writing the pre-face of the very date April 11, 2009 is of interest regarding its masculine spice in the label "Red Magnetic Earth" ~ a pur(e)posed guide for a track where 12 other spices participate and where the second one in that range is of a lunar dynamic type ... challenging the mission which leads finally to the spice of "Red Cosmic Moon" ...

Which is of particular interest in this "Blog as a Reading ... Revelating ... (something unknown despite intuïtion snapshots)" ...

Lets have a glimpse to the Lunar Tone in Mirror:
White Lunar Mirror
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Signal
Clan- Sky

I polarize in order to reflect
Stabilizing order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of heart

The linked website even confirms what i wrote / saw in the Lunar Spice:
Blue Night (AKBAL) Dreams and emphasizes Abundance.
The seal for the Occult of the day enhances the oracle reading with Hidden power (the unexpected).

Well ... no thing to prove ~ let it flow ongoing into April 22 (Red Cosmic MooN)

~~~ on this very day April 11, "UR~daya" in the 9 daya Kweek that starts july 23, 2009 ...

we celebrate the mother of the DreamSpellYear labelled Electric Storm (which doubles itself tomorrow April 12, 1st EasterDay in an ancient cultural program put by the Roman Church) ... Is this a coïncidence ?

And the Mother of a Year is the "Day out of Time" as labelled in that set-up for Quite a while.
Here we initiate the idea to relabel that daya into "Day of Time Experience" - which articulates the cycle gone as an exercise feeding and nurturing the next cycle ... this years Day out of Time is Electric Night (Kin3) and it will nurture the Self-Existing Seed Year starting July, 26 2009.

Let us here feed that Day of Time Experience or (do we prefer here) Day of Year Experience - considering the Leap Year as the opportunity to have LeapDay next to July 25 and a Day of Time Experience once in a 4th year !

This can be decided on in the first noosphere congress ...

Lets us see for the DoTE / DoYE energy rhyme ...

Blue Electric Night
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Signal Clan- Fire

I activate in order to dream
Bonding intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of accomplishment

Interesting here ~ the magnetic tone of that wave:

Tone 1 Magnetic
Magnetic - First tone of the wavespell
Seal for Wavespell
Red Dragon
Red Dragon (IMIX) Nurtures and emphasizes Birth.
The seal for the Wavespell sets the emphasis of the thirteen day, thirteen tone cycle.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

number 5

This is pre-writing the article for to-morrow ... which is picked up tomorrow (that very day) for anOther line inserted ... and by then respecting the cosmic energy for that very cosmic impulsed beams into this planets eye ...

So ~ what - anyhow - did trigger this title "number 5" ...

Prime pulse was a conversation with Martien who was curious on the theme "number 9" and its phenomenal magic in the systemis of the decimal approach for accounting things in Western Dominating Culture in that World of AccounTing Gold Weights and Carats as a Security Base for the anti-value in Currency by Some Word: Pound ~ Yen ~ Dollar ~ Euro ~ Mark ~ "Kin"

Here Mark was a German Effort to Claim a Value for a while - also ReichsMark - and "Kin" is a Unity Word vibrating a Whole ~ a Synchronized Whole Object.

But then - after some lucid knowledge - what is 5 apart from the pentagram unit referring to its 5 starry points?

Starting the dialogue from 7 - number of days in a traditional, many cultures including, week - it is a digit that is centered in number 4 - which is pretty steady and illuminates a box: "::" - double double dots as 2 twins ...

Then getting to 5 ~ we might be aware of the 4 fingers and the thumb bodily composition by "Darwin" and his associates by any means (incl. scientifically breeded employees) ~ they can refer to input - store - process - output ... and are "controlled" by number 5 ... the radiant "lightwaves" that purify all stages in a harmonic immanent effort: as a matrix and a mutual spiral dancing many weavings as a contemplating and unifying spell.

So then ... 5 is the center of 9 ... and 9 is not a prime - it is a double prime considering 3x3 as a formula that constructs 9 (the "+/-" 180 degree projection of 6 - and 180=numerically: 9 as 90/270 also are numerically 9'ers)


more on that very date april 10, 2009 ... (WindDaya ')

Red Magnetic Earth
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Core Clan- Sky

I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

This very Date & Energetic Synchronicity of NOW

When we look at the FORM of the origin Arabic symbol of 5 ...
it gives the weaving of a sphere (the "c" shape and the 90/270 degree power where vertical and hozizontal meet)

This last articulated shape of the rectangular is also in this range :

Indeed is the 4th in this range of 9 ; the 3rd in the old range of 7 ...
Its name from Plasmic Approach is "GAMMA" and a rôle to that is labelled "GAMMALL" ...
(maybe it refers to the Game of ALL - Society - FreeDom of Speech & Equality as a fundament-ality : MULTIPLE FORCES ALLIED)

The Letter "L" is its most aligned character in the ALPHABET ... it is number 12 of the range ...

And 12 is the "9" of THIRTEEN - 13 ; considering 9 as the magical digit in the decimal systemic, TWELVE is the magical number of the 13-mal as numeric bond. Well, actually refer to the Last Evening Gathering with Jesus?

This as spontaneous founding-s on number 5 ~ grabbing the creative friction within itself ...


') till Daya of Time Experience July 25, 2009 the traditional DayLabels are given here by the Kweek traditional 7 spots that are Towered by (1 and 9) or (0 and 8): SirDaya and SoulDaya ...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flowering Our Daya as Occult Human

2 alternative roles are focussed on in a narrative, po~aëthic style

2 roles popped up as of interest to see at in the whole narrative of this theme's intend:

* the Inner Child
* the Occult Human

Here the Occult Human is talked over ... (April 9, 2009)

What struck me from a numeric fascination/phenomenon is the fusion of 9 and 8 ?

Well, in the line-up of 6+3 LeaderTypes ... the Inner Child is number 8 ~the continuous phenomenon in the body itself ... never to be owned by anOther one ... all the time cherished and enriched by the commander at charge (filled by the energy from the pelvis-hydrofusional-battery); and then the Occult "Personatal" Awakens as the highest commander in pace at peace ... at the TOP of the Mountain aware of that Mountains Heir - the Deepest Ocean nearby ... number 9 (follower and resonator for 8 ~ the heirs postulate by cultural rules inherited/tobedigestedintoanotherTake)

hmmm ... see how number 6 turned about 180 degrees ... and that number represented the linguïstic skill to articulate precise and listen with attention ...

Then ~ what brings this from the Harmonic Affirmations i follow and weave into these revelations ...

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Cardinal
Clan- Sky

I endure in order to question
Transcending fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of universal fire

As one might see ... it marks the end of a range of 10 GAP-daya - 10 Galactic Activation Portals that have prepared this symbol to arise ... as an affirmed being ... and warrior-archetype ... "Transcending Fearlessness" ... which i promote to be articulated more positively by "Transcending Centered Intend" ...

let me simply rehearse the traditional affirmation in a MooN~DaYa offer:

I endure in Order to Question
Transcending Centered Intend
I Seal the Output of Intelligence
With the Cosmic Tone of Presence
I am Guided by the Power of Universal Fire

Also Dedicated to the Master Avatar who offered the Planetary Artistic Format ... as a Symbolic Template to weave it into o-ur Language and Habits ...

~~~ toDaya ThursDay April 9 - or KinDaya in a new setting ...
each Whole Unit is a Kin Phenomenon ~ every cell, every organ, every gland, every sense, every human being ... each group, each country, each bond, each planetary collaboration ... and also each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each moon/month, each Quarter, each Year, each Quant (4 years as a whole conceptual unity), each set of 73 Tzolkin Cycles (52 years), and also a precession cycle (almost 26.000 years) and even greater cycles are whole units ... is a kin ...

I devote this day to the mission to get mr. Arun Gandhi for a GooD Trip in may(a)/Holland ... and a GooD audience with Listeners and Speakers ... I will speak with Martien and schedule some future synchronization moments.

"Tien" is the Dutch word for "Ten" - 10 ; also the "father" of the Decimal Nemeric Systemic - which makes 9 the "mother" ... Agree (?)

namaste*Y S'ace ...

Hava a GooD Daya ...

extra ~ adding 13 (moontone number) and 16 (seal number) sums up into 29 ("to nine" & "too nine"); which is as number 1 considering 28 as number 0 - zero : synchronization date in the continuous grid of Kweeks (weeks of 9 days in the 13Moon Planetary Mind Coördination System for Human Beings)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flowering Our Daya as Inner Child

In previous Blog 2 alternative roles within the Follower / each Human / each Civil Human "Cl'aimed" ...

2 roles popped up as of interest to see at in the whole narrative of this theme's intend:

* the Inner Child
* the Occult Human

Here the Inner Child is talked over ... (April 8, 2009)

:{ what strikes me here from a numeric fascination/phenomenon is the fusion of 9 and 8 ;-) }:

Blue Crystal Eagle
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Polar
Clan- Sky
Galactic Activation Portal

I dedicate in order to create
Universalizing mind
I seal the output of vision
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of accomplishment
I am a galactic activation portal
C ... Enter me

soil ~ landscape ~ all children ~ water - air
can be
black ~ green ~ transparent ~ streamy ~ clean

~~~ here the writing proceeds on April 8 (having written its lead yesterday ~ frictional provocating the own creative process)

Well ~ by now i see for the combinations made:

black soil hides the secret of the planets various means to weave the elements ...
green landscape immanently feeds the energy systems of the body
all transparent children play with great smiles ~ mastering their skills
streamy water orchestrates a sound even when it is at peace
clean air centers all cells in a harmonick

See how just the word Flowering embodies many clues in itself ...

The Flow as the stream
The Lower as the Earth Crystal
We as the Children
Ring as symbol of Truth and Trust ~
Air and Water

i sense "Grace & Gratitude" ~~~


notion ~ later i saw the similar apporach as Roerich took designing a Simple Peace Flag:

(which by some rule seems to ease and gather all minds ~ at some digestive & collective moment)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Flower of Life Merge

on april 7, 2009 i have an insight-sharing on the flower of life "secret beyond"

here a first glimpse to impulse the channel for the night ahead:

(see souls of distortion for the details there)

A first S'hot:

when you see the cube and envision the 3D cube reality ...
add 2 circles for the middle circle , because they are "occult" there ...

it pops up that the number 7 is "the Follower" in the vision of Martin Bubers Philosophic Ideas on Leadership ... And with my dipl. German Steve (co WUPED advisor) we tend to agree on role 8 and 9: the child and the pioneer/avatar/bivid.


so when just shift the picture a little bit ... the 2 extra spheres pop up ...

The DarkBlue one represents the "occult~human" ... the hidden one ...; the AirBlue represents the Hidden Child ("we just saw the center sphere before - maybe because it was hidden by the matureimage in the democracy-system : point at= choose your leader!")

The 6 Other ones to "Point at" are Patriarch/Founder, Leader/Guide, Judge/Lawmakers, King/Queen, Prophet/Wise, Priest/Media (based on Martin Buber scripts).

In Stead of the "Leader 6+3" other worlds can be mapped ...

This for this piece where the Flower of Life Merged into the 6+3 leadershiptypes and a 3 dimensional truth at the flower as a sphere ...


next - opens with a Flower that will carry 3 of those Flowers of Life + a string ...

Ignite the Luminous GriD

now dear reader ~ moonday april 6, 2009 ~ red galactic skywalker (dreamspell referred)

an announcement is made for april 9 because it is a full moon just after the last day of a serial of 10 GAP-days ... Galactic Activation Portals. And it is clear something planetary new has been prepared by the cosmic forces received and converted into previous articles here.

a snapshot of celia fenn:
"The Energies for April 2009 ~ The Full Moon falls on the 9th of April, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, the House of Relationship. At this time, celebrate all forms of Relationship that exist in Unconditional Love. The Full Moon is followed by the traditional christian festival of easter and "Holy Week". At this time, the Divine and Compassionate Grace of Mary Magdalene, the Female Christ, will also support the Planet as it emerges to a Higher Vibration of the Christ Light. Celebrate the Sacred Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the Avatars of the Christ Consciousness and Sacred Union."

then have a glimpse for that day Blue Planetary Eagle and its affirmation:

Blue Crystal Eagle
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Polar
Clan- Sky
Galactic Activation Portal

I dedicate in order to create
Universalizing mind
I seal the output of vision
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of accomplishment
I am a galactic activation portal
Enter me

and right after that the Cosmic Warrior Walks the Flame ...

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Cardinal
Clan- Sky

I endure in order to question
Transcending fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of universal fire

How about a thing that can center many many millions of peoples mindsets in the sphere we all round each daya ... . I am in Great BodyHood of the Human Brother who designed this spell so humble and determined ~ José Alias Valum Votan :{as you know the humility habit aligned to by an artist ~ a planetary artist & time traveller on his way bye}:

A Good Moment to ignite this MooN Experience and point at the date of the uncoming Red Magnetic Dragon july 23 ...

Red Magnetic Dragon
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Cardinal
Clan- Fire
Galactic Activation Portal

I unify in order to nurture
Attracting being
I seal the input of birth
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

E very TH ing is PerfecT ~ S'ace

All this is enchanted by the Refining Crystal Wizard (april 7 - tomorrow)

White Spectral Wizard
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I dissolve in order to enchant
Releasing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal
Enter me

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quantum Mechanism in the Calendar

As this Blog mediates the Revelation of a Quality within the 13 Moon number 28 for a Month - a Moon Fix - , it also places the formula found in the bigger picture. By doing this (we) each one can map its mind map into that new ordening of understanding the need for implementation - as far as anyone matters as a precious medium pulsing talents on this planet.

The Overview here gives 3 Layers: the Kweek, a Year and 4Years

The 4 Years Map is there to show the Dynamic within this Perspective of 13Moon - which is an Ancient Natural Insight into the Realm of Spheres (versus Cubes).

Kweek Protocol

This Protocol is meant to communicate and address aggregating layers / phase in this article. At gross it emphasizes how "a Three" holds "2 other Threes" ... This also being the CORE REASON why this blog exists in this timespan.
formula [ 3 x ( 3 x 3 ) + 1 ] = 28 = [10] : an Earths Moon 1 out of 13

the Kweek

This gives free the insight-intelligence force that drove this broadcast as a planetary spell from a medium ignited "at a distance shore"

a Year

Here 13 MoonTone Numbers guide the Spheric Motion that is a spin-off in the number 13 ... : it is actually 12+1 and therefor is not cubic and "all the fixed" so conservative gatheringminded "egos" rule their legacy beyond universal merits agreed.

Author - a bivid biovoiding - "shows how" the formula expands and includes as breathing life.

4Years: "a Quant"

Friday, April 3, 2009

English Kweek Labels

those 9 images give a plasma interpretation of daily energies in the DreamSpell'calender ... (inspired on the avatar known as Valum Votan)

"Planetary Art Network" initiates new things in order to co-create other new things and implement & merge them on our belowed planet Earth"

Getting the Alignment into the English Pronunciation i here put a first draw:

(the classification "typical" is here related to the proposals done in Cosmic History Chronicle IV - KALI - the catalytic plasma initiated by Valum Votan and Red Queen, aka José Arguëlles and Stephanie South) ~ proposals for good fits may be proposed ... by all devoting KIN / aligned earthlings until closing moment (july 22, 2009, yellow cosmic sun, a GAP day and Kin260, last of a cycle).

1st Daya is Plasmic "Kamu" and it is enroled by "Kamuth" typical servers.
It is a Daya that goes before SunDaya 2nd Daya.
Because of the synchronisation role of Sirius it fits to call that SirDaya
Notify Ka is Spirit; Mu is Nothing; T is a horizontale on top of the verticale symbol : the highest view; H is about living with another one in aTTuned harmony (pace and peace).

2nd Daya is Plasmic "Dali" and it is enroled by "Dalin" typical servers.
It is SunDaya ...
Simply while the Sun is the star between Sirius and Earth on the yearly synchonizing Daya. Also the PLUS-symbol is a strong marker in Yellow (LOW is LOVV : Love)

3rd Daya is Plasmic "Seli" and it is enroled by "Selin" typical servers.
It is MoonDaya ...
It is a dynamic and playfull Earth Life resonator which can show up between Sun and Earth. The symbol shows waves which signal the Tidings we experience from Oceans and Seas but also in our very Body, especially in the Pelvis ~ our Electric Device.

4th Daya is Plasmic "Gamma" and it is enroled by "Gammall" typical servers.
Tuesday is a given fit allthough the sound seems not proper ...
hmmm (what is wise here)
Given the Reading of CMC IV it might be attached to the DOREMI ... octave ...
As we know the Universe is a Song so the FormGiver is celebrated here by FaDaya
FA is a sound that lands in the Sacral Chakra which follows on MoonDaya ...

5th Daya is Plasmic "Kali" and it is enroled by "Kalik" typical servers.
Wednesday is the "old" label for this "midDay" ...,
NessDaya comes in as the proper fit ...
It refers to the Hearth ...

6th Daya is Plasmic "Alpha" and it is enroled by "Alphant" typical servers.
Thursday is the "old" label for this 2nd range of 3 giving the rhythm 1-3-1-3-1 in the 9 serial weave.
KinDaya refers to the sound people make from their Heart and archetypical KIN (cosmic characTerRa).

7th Daya is Plasmic "Limi" and it is enroled by "Limime" typical servers.
Friday is the "old" label for the second day in the 2nd range ... (22)
The Channel gives WindDaya as a fit , for the Wind is a Spiritual Phenomenon on the Planet which also is part of a Storm ... which is a catalyzer.

8th Daya is Plasmic "Silio" and it is enroled by "Siliohm" typical service.
Saturday is the "old" label which is adjusted to UR:
So UrDaya is the fitting Charge here ... UR also being a continuous experience that is in number 8.

9th Daya is a new day as the 1st one ...
Having comtemplated the whole serie ... i thought it could be Earth ... but then it fell in to honor each Soul on each as a wonderful vibration to have this in the line-up of 9 Daya a Kweek ("week of 9 days).
So SoulDay is its English Reference ...

This 9th Daya is as a Akashic Recorder "Bolon" which is enroled by "BolonK" typical service mostly at pivotal times. The K is as a worldbridger "Ka"Ra"cter(RA)which links through to KaMuTH (1st day next Daya); Once every BOLON occurs it is GROUOED by an intermediate Daya: Day of Moon Experience. Packaging in sets of Three accommodates the mind and body vehicles in their attuning concerts with life and relatives / relationships addressed.

Now Here in Aligned Order :


And then you all come in and have some "votes" / a voice ... to this ...

Namasté S'ace

notion from natural = cosmic (re)source:

in a classification
sensory quantum: sundaya ~ moondaya ~ fadaya
telepathic quantum: kindaya ~ winddaya ~ urdaya
catalytic agenture: sirdaya ~ nessdaya ~ souldaya

from the bivid-decodex numeric conversion table this line up gives the numbers:
27~50~7~34~30~15~26~34~38 :: 261 ...
Given the TzolKin Cycle as a Synchronizer this translates into number 1 (261-260)
Red Magnetic Dragon

(given the mission of all this coördinated with the Harmonic Conversion this means July 23, 2009 is a crucial dat for the planet and all its life ~ as i see this)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

dogon ~ nogod

in this building down into another aeon i am often cherished in reading and enriched in insight by many other earthlings ... In this theme of Moon ~ cycle re-alignment (simply what it is all about these weeks ; where the weak forces out force & outsource the strong forces into "within-source") a nice article of a UCS member ally came in and i offer it from this spot ...

it is on Identity Filters and tells how astrology functions as its organizing tool.

you might - as i do - contemplate the link to the theory of plus one and minus one ( +1 / -1 )
which is in this new formula ...

By then it is offered to digest the PLUS symbol again ...
This while it exists out of 2 minus symbols: one horizontal and one vertical ("270 degrees rotated")

The 270 degree is of course similar to the minus 90 degrees ... having agreed upon a directions which is in the perception ~ and then we might agree that the resonance factor proofs them both in a harmonic pulse. And that is what it is all about to implement this in our rhythm and language and dialogues-spheres.



the dogon alias is also associated to "ing" which i see as "intergalactic noosphere guide"


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How +1 and -1 Merge ...

In previous postings the FORMULA [ 3 ( 3x3 ) +1 ] is given as the FUSION of a MooN in EVERY CURRENT DAYA ...

:{ Questions may arise & noosphere will answer ... trust on that (?) }:

YesterDay TuesDayEve i talked with Auke ~ a musician in Bakkum / the Netherlands ...
we were discussing matters of FREQUENCY as the A440 and A432 discussion on many Gatherings ...

Point is that i noted the 432 formation as the THIRD POWER of 144 which basically is number 9 (1+4+4).
I noted that 9 is seen as a divine number ... . And he noted that 11 is the similar in a 12-mal (how is that pronounce properly?) systemic where 9 is that in the decimal systemic (10-mal).

So a X-mal systemic buries a [ X-1 ] formula for its magical number ...

Given this pretty nice revelation to my mind it made clear why José Arguëlles, Rinri Sorcerer, is so very affected by/onto number 19 in the Time and TechnoSphere Writing ... as an ongoing becoming being the Time Traveller and the 8th Avatar pulsing the Patroness of Avatars Bolon Ik ... which he points out as the Guardian of the Throne ...

Well pardon me, José, you are too generous by honouring Bolon Ik to the Thr'one ... ~ that simply cannot be ... while She is always Next to a Throne serving a mate that Faces the People from that Thr'one ..


So here we are : vigesimal (20-mal) has 19 as it patroness ... 10 has 9; 12 has 11; 13 has 12 ...

do we see more clearly what i am heading for ... here?


:{ have a break first ~ walk away empty the bodily instrument which instrumentalizes the brain ... etceteRA }:


28 is the number of daya in a Moon ~ given 12+1 moons a year ... given the energetic foundation known and understood by now ... and LAW(?) of LIFE (?)

So 28 buries and carries 27 as its apprentice ... 27 days link all through by number 28 ...
that is also to be seen as number 0 - zero : the synchronisation from "cubes" into a "sphere" ...

the cubes are as out Language and Exchanges ... the sphere is our life in togetherness gathered on a single planet ... although dream-travellers may be anywhere in the universe where they play ...

on earth we Crystalize at Kinich AHAU ... ( 53+16: 69 ~ self-existing MooN )

S'ace ~ on Yellow Overtone Star ...

Yellow Overtone Star
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Signal Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I empower in order to beautify
Commanding art
I seal the store of elegance
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of intelligence
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

NOTE : the magic square of Kin69 includes Kin72 Kin192 Kin189

all number give fractal 3 ... 2 of them give also 9 ...
:{ this freely given to show the natural for at a side and insight-intelligence buddy }: