Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quantum Mechanism in the Calendar

As this Blog mediates the Revelation of a Quality within the 13 Moon number 28 for a Month - a Moon Fix - , it also places the formula found in the bigger picture. By doing this (we) each one can map its mind map into that new ordening of understanding the need for implementation - as far as anyone matters as a precious medium pulsing talents on this planet.

The Overview here gives 3 Layers: the Kweek, a Year and 4Years

The 4 Years Map is there to show the Dynamic within this Perspective of 13Moon - which is an Ancient Natural Insight into the Realm of Spheres (versus Cubes).

Kweek Protocol

This Protocol is meant to communicate and address aggregating layers / phase in this article. At gross it emphasizes how "a Three" holds "2 other Threes" ... This also being the CORE REASON why this blog exists in this timespan.
formula [ 3 x ( 3 x 3 ) + 1 ] = 28 = [10] : an Earths Moon 1 out of 13

the Kweek

This gives free the insight-intelligence force that drove this broadcast as a planetary spell from a medium ignited "at a distance shore"

a Year

Here 13 MoonTone Numbers guide the Spheric Motion that is a spin-off in the number 13 ... : it is actually 12+1 and therefor is not cubic and "all the fixed" so conservative gatheringminded "egos" rule their legacy beyond universal merits agreed.

Author - a bivid biovoiding - "shows how" the formula expands and includes as breathing life.

4Years: "a Quant"

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