Sunday, April 26, 2009

6 Daya MidPoint as MythPeriod ?

Now it is time to set free the psi-quetzal-double-vortex') ... which is about 3x27 daya which brings us in the first noosphere congress in indonesia ... and there the "kweek" is ignited by so many souls awakened in the new time dispensensation ... indeed a wrord that includes "pensé" ~ refer to Le Penseur.

Maya 11 & 12 are portaldaya ...

Red Resonant Moon
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I channel in order to purify
Inspiring flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a galactic activation portal
enter me

bivid-decodex of kweek :: 11-4-5-5-11 => 36 (9)
(daily oracle attempt)

in lak'ech(T well) álá MaYa GoodDaYA ;-)

') psi-quetzal-double-vortex is actually to be articulated as psi-quetzal-triple-vortex !

3 refers to triple!

psi refers to the intuïtion talent of a human being ... aligned to a grid / awakened from "illusion dominance"

quetzal is basically a packaged tzolkin wave of 13 kin expanded with 2x7 kin (2xthe same kinspan)
total 27 kin bringing up number 28 (number 0/zero pivoting one mooncylcle into the other)

The first 7 Seals repeat at the end of 27 Seals (including 13 of the Wave, here the Star Wave)
It is a Law of Moon the Moon-included Wave (Yellow Star1) ends up in its 8th Tone (daya 28: DoME) by then being indluded in the next Wave (Red Dragon)

Vortex is a chaotic arousal of energy that facilitates its chaordic intelligent outcome.

~~~ SO ?

Well ~ ART-i-clés T I P P I N G P O I N T -

The TRIPLE vortex is a phenomenon that is aligned to the musical triplet of SOUND ~ RHYTM ~ MELODY ...

See the Synchronization Daya 28 as it CONFIRMATION CELEBRATION ION !

The DoME daya has a Seal however skips the Plasma/Agent-Tempest (=Power/Energy/Informative-Catalyser)

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