Thursday, April 2, 2009

dogon ~ nogod

in this building down into another aeon i am often cherished in reading and enriched in insight by many other earthlings ... In this theme of Moon ~ cycle re-alignment (simply what it is all about these weeks ; where the weak forces out force & outsource the strong forces into "within-source") a nice article of a UCS member ally came in and i offer it from this spot ...

it is on Identity Filters and tells how astrology functions as its organizing tool.

you might - as i do - contemplate the link to the theory of plus one and minus one ( +1 / -1 )
which is in this new formula ...

By then it is offered to digest the PLUS symbol again ...
This while it exists out of 2 minus symbols: one horizontal and one vertical ("270 degrees rotated")

The 270 degree is of course similar to the minus 90 degrees ... having agreed upon a directions which is in the perception ~ and then we might agree that the resonance factor proofs them both in a harmonic pulse. And that is what it is all about to implement this in our rhythm and language and dialogues-spheres.



the dogon alias is also associated to "ing" which i see as "intergalactic noosphere guide"


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