Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Universal Lounge / Launch

Dear Mahendra ~ i here Quôte your lines at the Universal Lounge / Launch : "The definition of coherency is either a logical, orderly and consistent state of parts, or the state of being connected. In spiritual terms, it is both together. When we seek to apply Intention to manifest, a nebulous goal or an unfocused path will prevent the energy of creation to materialize. Similarly, when we forget the greater good and seek selfish goals, our results are also less. To apply a coherent attitude, we use the strength that comes from our connection to all to move resolutely towards our goal."

The structure in your first line here is pretty similar as the natural structure of a moon of 28 days ... but then not 4x7 but in a 3x9+1 structure , a week of 9 days - a kweek / queek:

the structure in the daytypes (above) might be seen as 1+3+1+3+1 where the 3x1's cover the consistent state of parts (sphere) and the parts are the 2 3's: the logical first 3 covering the sencoric realm, the orderly / responding second 3 covers the telepathic realm. (this all repeats 3x a Moon)

then the +1 day covers all 27 as the intend and synchronicity cell and (in coherent line) is day 28 / also day 0 - zero of a full moon in 13 moon calendar.
we might refer to that as daya of moonexperience: DôME ...

or seen the 13 as 12 + 1 where the last moon completes the cycle of 13.

to that the last day of the year (july 25) - day number 365 (13x28=364+1) completes a year cycle : day of year experience: DôYE

leapday should be next to that each 4th year, completion of 4 yearcycles:
day of time experience: DôTE

with your permission i put it on my blog covering this storyline which intends to set this new week commitment / design of this pivotal time.

namasté S'ace

here the first 5 MooNs in this setup where daya is symbolized by profound glyphs which also weave 13 moontones / dynamical interconnecting noosphere wires through there mix of weavings ...

(the yellow day on the right is daya 28 and 0/zero; it naturally carries a full moon through the living species on the beautiful planet - see its origin pivotal core)

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