Friday, June 12, 2009

angle on numbers 153 and 12

(notice the next pointers were corrected on Saturday June 13, 13 Paristime; possibly cosmo at work and joking?)

* crossmind the 153 trap which can be invoked as gathering credo
* know how 13 11 7 combine into a crop that resonates it all
* get notice from the studies on theme "pi" , the Queeny of Circles : integer 3 but then on may notice that is not a circle ... pi often denotes as 22 / 7 and that figure is as ingraspable as pi's denotation or movie
** relevant may be the challenge of pi's first 4 positions: 3.14
** why?
** well, in the range of 1234 ... number 2 is missing of is occult within the recursive and learning mode for humans on figures how to relate to one another?
** (that is my suggestion, also in the democratic instrumental vision)

So when this above one is digested as token ... get an empowered impulse vibrating the numbers from a source merging it all ...

Here i, s'ace, want to make clear number 12 is a artefact that excludes the peoples arousal in transparent political issues.

Point here is that the dreamswatcher is the spark that grows from good dialogue and dialectics practices. This has been proven not to be the case in the politics of "one man one vote" (bank crisis and total failure: misorder projected the systemic disorder)

So , what does this image intend to make clear:

Physical & Emotional Desires and a Will to survive FIRE the Healing ...
which is a true collaboration in the MENTAL intelligent effort organized to the state of art people on the world establish in FAITH.

So? Number 10, 11 and 12 are womds the stimulate the phaseshift from 2nd and 3rd layer via the 4th to the fifth - which is a mystic however nowadays highly focussed evidence from networking resources.

10, 11 and 12 triple the number 9 into 27 combinations at the triple womb as tabernacle.

And number 13 is the unity number which resonates the presence on purepose (purpose understood by lovestrings fusing energy)

... (then what is 153)

153 is , to my strong ignited faith, a number 9 presence that bounces number 17 (8).

it also expresses number 13 as outer numbers in that form and 5 in the middle ...
which points to the image given:

1 is the physical body, the temple ... and dreamcatcher

3 is the personal mental body (clarified from mental-in-vacinations), the soulmind ... the dreamwatcher

5 is the body on gratitude for the planet, the rationalist ... the dreammatcher who knows s/he has to explore the wisdom layers offered all around in relational expiriments that radiate joy


then how does 153 relate to 7 11 and 13 ...

well the simple conclusion is that 9 is the missing uneven number in that line up:

7 . 11 13 ...

does this make sense?

namasté s'ace

digesting this in next image as a massage for collaborates

(here is mewhitepaper in a few hours, maybe some daya)

s'ace ~ syn'bolonik

notice for invaders not from the base launch: here is the base launch

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

revisiting Pascals Formulae

In April the Pascal Formulae was inserted in this Study/Revelation.

now another Proof entered this node :

( quite long :)

and here is its origin ground - considering my luck to find that spot where it labelled as "the diamond of creation" ... desire & intent as referred to in Plato's Eternally Existent

i entered into this founding by exploring this text:

13 + 53 + 33 = 1 + 125 + 27 = 153
The final outcome of number 153 is Itself.
(This is also true for 371 and 370).

in this context of 27+1 it is part of the formula: 27 (+ 125) + 1

where 27 is the moon stable & holy figure ...
+1 is the continuous unifying effort of cosmic laws at natural command ...

125 (8) may define the lemniscate by pentacle: 5 ** 3 and trinity on a power ... systemic debugged by "some men"

so this represents "mens history chronicle" on a looping curve destroying itself at its own frequency ... but then "what to do with the drunken sailor ...", my fri~ends ...

now bring it into the calendar which at large guides our species specimen ...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

roof julianachurch the hague

what numbers do we see ?

and how to understand the deeper meaning within the design of a time ...?

9 windows at the sunny side ...

35 markers and 35 hyphens in a great circle

12 radiant flames from the center

8 corners / 8 sides frame map those flames

a box of 4 sides "without cornes" frames that

4 colours: orange, yellow, bluegrey and white

so what do we get from that?

... and does it relate to the moondaya topic on this blog ...

~~~ 1st round of introspection ...

gives 24 lines before the radiant flames outer ring pops up : we may see those flames as U-turns that are resonant in themselves ...
Considering the Mayan Calendar is also pops up the 3x8=24 figure next to the 2x12=24; and also 4x6 is a valid ratio which holds number 6 as the sacral one that is resonant to the 6th chakra ... the 3rd eye ... ; considering a traditional week it reflects the number 6+1 construction that gives focus onm the light in the sunday = day off = meditation and religion daya ... (from ancient insights formed)

3 to 8 reflects number 11 (sum) and 5 (span) and then also 24 (and 33 and 88)
24 for the number of hours a daya ...
33 for the divine higherself

so here number 9 pops up as intermediate in 24 and 33 ...

~~~ lets dream it a'way