Thursday, June 4, 2009

roof julianachurch the hague

what numbers do we see ?

and how to understand the deeper meaning within the design of a time ...?

9 windows at the sunny side ...

35 markers and 35 hyphens in a great circle

12 radiant flames from the center

8 corners / 8 sides frame map those flames

a box of 4 sides "without cornes" frames that

4 colours: orange, yellow, bluegrey and white

so what do we get from that?

... and does it relate to the moondaya topic on this blog ...

~~~ 1st round of introspection ...

gives 24 lines before the radiant flames outer ring pops up : we may see those flames as U-turns that are resonant in themselves ...
Considering the Mayan Calendar is also pops up the 3x8=24 figure next to the 2x12=24; and also 4x6 is a valid ratio which holds number 6 as the sacral one that is resonant to the 6th chakra ... the 3rd eye ... ; considering a traditional week it reflects the number 6+1 construction that gives focus onm the light in the sunday = day off = meditation and religion daya ... (from ancient insights formed)

3 to 8 reflects number 11 (sum) and 5 (span) and then also 24 (and 33 and 88)
24 for the number of hours a daya ...
33 for the divine higherself

so here number 9 pops up as intermediate in 24 and 33 ...

~~~ lets dream it a'way

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