Wednesday, October 14, 2009

69 the End

dear ones ~

this very day i decided to stop / end this blog spot ...

simply while it was given by the start up of another blog on the issue - kweekspell / 9 days a week - ignited by this one ... in an investigate / preliminary & pioneering talk.

comments can still be expressed and will reach readers & author

namasté / i am as you as you as me : in la'kech ala kin ( maya / daya )


Friday, October 9, 2009


(issue 68 is a little bit late but not too late, i hope, to give an introduction)

This Blogsites spell is to narrate on the pionearing idea to change our humans frequency by a planetary common act which actually at instance creates the 2nd creation ...

This frequency is at number 7 which is programmed by the WEEK.

Recently an investigation on PI - the firs 49980 numbers - teached that 7 behaves as an even number given the number of 5 numbers in a string as "11111" and "77777" and "22222" ... :


All even numbers fail to have 1 occurence for such a string.
And 7 also fails to have 1 such string ...

Therefor it -intelligence- speaks 1 3 5 and 9 are most strong numbers ...

Then it seems only 9 has its string at 6 there: "999999"

6 and 9 spell : the sign of Cancer!

some here

I could narrate more here ...

but the ion that speaks to me spells now to create a real KweekSpell blog ...

Namasté S'ace

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

white crystal mirror

hmmm a good girlfriend of me is etznab 4 ~ self existing mirror ... and has 50years on saturday ... by then kin080 ~ kin of my neighbor ... (weird oracle mesh indeed)

todaya ~ Fadaya in kweek ~ i visit MonKey9 , a Solar Kin as me who sort of guided through the years from 2003 / spectral wizard ... - planetary earth day out of time ...

and then ... i just was getting information from drunvalo and crystal skulls ...
which seems a very special millenium bridging ceremony from the indigenous people - maya , hopi and other ... "ticcals"

a numeric fusion in origin dreamspell and its psimenu from kweek is the number 19 frequency of this very day in the 13moon3 ... and the number 22 in the kweek which is 3 days ahead ...

this fuses in 19+22=41 ~ which seems to be the Hand of God ...

just see and wait what TMQ spells - right at the moment at the other side of the planet ...

GoodNeight ... "Say Gone"

How KaMuTH reigns Facilitathors

here a Good Example how americans - Children of the Light/Sun - understand the Ancient European Heart Charged ...

(no comments')

Starts this October 13!

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~~~ just some @H@ fun ~ ;-)))

Oct. 13-26

spells Oc T 13 ~ 26

where OC is DOG ~ just turn that?

T is the White Wind Symbol as well the Albatros & Choice from Higher Self (Inner Eagle)

13 is the 13Moon reference ... 9+3+1

26 is the vocabulaire given shapes by the 26 spiced (arabic) alphabet ...

smile to those data - freely shared ?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

symbol as telepathic tool

i begot a sight on a symbol and it seems to telepathically and instantly communicate the reason for existence while this blog did rise in our spacetime at a timespace ignition.

it is apparently linked to DreamSpell LIMI18 and to MoonDaya21 ...

Moondaya21 is yelled at with the 3rd SOUND in the VoidKweek Pattern Once Given by Serendipic Human/Origin Choice: ALPHOEN / ALPHOENIX

The 1st yell is the traditional and the second one is yelled at a special occasion, so to say. That second occasion pulls for the IX factor, which is the Mayan Wizard Seal IX - White Wizard (Wave) <= Bolon Ik's Tribe at Charge, where she is Kin022 and IX9: White Solar Wind: Spirit Mobilizer to install perfect communication on Velatropa 24.3 (9)

When we see the symbol it communicates PI ... by the circle where PI is the circle guide.

PI is at gross sight : 3

The eclipses are as 3 elements ... Earth, Water, Air ...
They fuse in a Fire hold by the Circle which communicates the 5th Element Ether / the Field / Intelligence / Cosmic Impuls / (you name it) / Hunab Ku

While the combinations vary i numerically promote the formula { 3 x (3x3) } + 1 ...;
and 1 is the circle; the rest is fusing the Fire and in detail Earth, Water and Air - maybe all hydrogine classified elements that in total form the Feminine Factor ignited by Masculine Thriving Aspirations at Awe.


Warrior Spell

The Mystory Queen entitles this day in DreamSpell / RINRI / ... multiplex reflex:

"Spectral Warrior on Day 3 of Week 3 of Moon 3"

which inspires me to convert my time & space into a Quick Reference Guidance; well, when pretending / stepping-in to be Bolon Ik one has to show that, aint it?

So her the Vertical Privilege of the Kweek and Kwel (the subkweek of 3 daya/kwel) is at charge. Let us see for the 2 numeric approaches for the horizontal and vertical perceptions: (9) horizontal perception of a kweek: sundaya in voidkweek
where 1.3 is year and moon reference for Dragon & Deer(moon3) (10) vertical perception of a kweeks kwel: voidkwel in voidkweek at number 2.
Here number two simply vibrates the LUNAR tone: Polarizer Stabilizing by being Challenged.

~~~ vertical traveling at first sight delivers:
seeing for number/card (TELEKTONON) 20 which is 3 daya ahead / later:

Cube FourTeen : Timelessness
Pick up the thread of Bolon Ik's 7th Weaving,
Overtone Sun (200) of the millennium (II)
brings on the Glory of the Biosphere~Noosphere transition.
"By my continuing conscious wizard power of timelessness,
may victory discharge prophecy of the 13 moons way
as the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

May universal peace prevail"

Haven given psi-charge at kin254 in 1999-2000 this is received at a planetary scale in this very period where Night3 is the charged Day-out-of-Time meditation from manymany people on the Globe. Note that Night 3 is Seal 3 to Tone 3 and vibrates : 9 also 20:09 where 9/20 is digested as the Moon / full moon of last sunday/moonday transition, agree?

So this is how the Spectral Warrior shows the Rainbow ... inviting by aspiration - firm breathing - to achieve the better ratio for humanity and the planet as the Mother.

One vertical step further
spells at card 23 (kin for planetary night/abundance):
Earth Time Tunnels Complete

Galactic Synchronization
Emerge from the Warrior's Labyrinth
to celebrate the Reunion of Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik !

Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!

Experience the Evolutionary Illumination of Kinich Ahau
(all people as "nations" ~ natural ions charged and discharging)
and the 26.000 year renewal of the Galactic Life Cycle.

Tower of Power

Enjouy Heaven on Earth

The 23 card is given image by seal EARTH which is the Twin Planet of Uranus


In La'keach ala Kin!
S"ace aka Bolon Ik / Ix9 / Muluc One ~ Ahau12 (LongCounT)

~~~ notion

Day 17 is in the range of the Blue Week at the departure station and spells
Day 15-20: Cube 9-14, the last six seals of prophesy;
Bolon Ik's Weavings 2-8.
Establish Victory=Vectory over Babylon
Day 21: Proclaim Victory of 144,000
Bolon Ik's 8th Weaving
New HEaven ~ New Earth

Then Day 17 vibrates Earth, being the 17th Seal in the Tzolkin Archetypes Lane

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In the sphere guarded by a sun and a moondance where the third moon in both Dreamspell year as well as Kweekspell occured ... Bolon Ik discovered some special things in the series for numbers in the PI range (first 49980 ones). I narrated on this in a reflection on the things narrated by "Mystery Queen" ... at her World Press blog. I quote my comment here to be able to maintain my text when that is applicable.

While this entry is on CUBE (”See You BE”) 9 , i have a pretty curious phenomenon to tell where we were focused on pi – 3.141… last CUBE8.

In my opinion this is where CUBE 8 and CUBE 9 even work together in the light of last nights MOON which was extremely bright from the spot where we experienced “her” : crystal clear … and for those ones who look even a little bit further in the skies and heaven we could see Jupiter at its guard …, which is one of the greatest planets in our solar system – some even say Jupiter is to be a “sun” which from some points of view is very necessary to make (human) life possible on this planet if only because of its “frequency”.

The phenomenon to open is about the first 49980 digits of pi after the DOT / COMMA. By some weird thought i first checked on 3993 (simply because i spotted that) how many times that series occurred in the range (4x); then i checked the numbers themselves such as “11111″ and “22222″ till “99999″.

It occurred to me that the even numbers all failed for 1 occurrence , and 7 failed to to have a stand in “ruling its reign & integrity radiance”. 1 and 3 had 1 occurrence and 5 and 9 2 occurrences. Then 9 did also have 6 occurrences! (see NOTE1) Which proved the reign of 9 in the hall of fame for numbers where it shows their stand in radiating integrity and a perfect navigator.

Here it should be interesting for all “freaks” on numbers to have their say for the breaking down of 28 days in either 7777 or 9991.

We can even see 2 moons or lets observe a Quarter of 91 days (13×7):

(A Question – intelligence action – to ask might be : “open ones senses – as catalized by/at full moon – and let the figures in your bodily laboratory and articulate the qualification for the elegance of both ranges?”)

7777777777777 ~~~~~~~~ 9991999199919 (NOTE2)

which bracelet do you choose?


Then also this “serendepic” occurrence is in the range of 49980 digits:

99999399612281 …

In my tend for analytic behavior it stroke my “cells”/memory lane that 9 numbers with a 3 fractal are there and then 1 – 22 – 81 …

1 for oneness
22 for Bolon Ik & 2×11
81 for 3**4 & for “the God Shadow for number 18″ ‘)

18 is the number “9″ where 19 is its system (Quran/Muhammed number).
(number 9 is the holy number in the decimal system ruled by 10)

this is my third comment … on the wings of TMQ ;-) namasté MULUCK3

"Then 9 did also have 6 occurrences!" In the context this is weird to say, because i just said "99999" has 2 occurences in the string of 49980 numbers searched; then i focussed on the string of "999999" itself where 9 occurs 6 times and that string is once in the string searched.

When we first see to a string of colours as:
then we get in a rhythm of 4 colours as if in a rainbow - a fixed sequence of colours
Then we see for the Bracelet at the KweekSpell Range (the other one is "gone"):
What happens?
And what about the stars ?
(i deliberately put 3 of them in the middle of a harmonic. Strechting Questioners Minds!)

Multiple Answers can be Expressed and all gathered in a forum they might spell some wisdom sentences that give a / the Vision at Blue Galact(r)ic Spectrum ;-) HeY You! HeY Jude & Dudes Too! (nicknacking humor experiences)

One of my respondings: RED WHITE BLUE stick to 9 and Yellow is the ONE ...
FIRE is the element that is always there ... in the radiant quality of anything else!
Having contemplated this might give this perspective to other elements too (and ETHER?).
(Can we rely on some knowledge already put in Forms?)
A circle giving an organic clock on the Human Body gives on those twins around the clock :
a clue to the five elements (consider WOOD as the ETHER, METAL as AIR):
So what confirms here: FIRE is a TWIN Phenomenon in anything ALIVE (and FORMED).

UPDATE : FIRE is a DOUBLE (2 hands or 2 feet!) TWIN Phenomenon in anything ALIVE (and FORMED).

FIRE is for instance in colour!
FIRE is in the LIGHT!
And the LIGHT is in SOUND , ain't it?

Elemental MuLucK Three

FIRE is as the Painter where Ether is its Creative Force and all other Elements are there to express "bonds of phenomenons - as elements are".


dedicated into third full moon kweekspell

"by means of time and prophesy

listeners are devoted to act on that trust as truth redemption"

in this affection Bolon Ik accomplishes a vow ...

today at the 9th dynamic interval of the CIMI - Worldbridger - wave ...

in the third 13 "deer" moon of the dreamspell ...

shifting form the paradox loop position 8 into 9 ... unlocking the portals ... transfering first warriors as sacrifying human beings into guiding forces ...


the table given converts some vibrations into intant understandings at all memory aligned bases ...

GoodMission! S'ace ~ Bolon Ik as Ix9 in Muluc1 from Crystal Suns Longcount Vow

regeneration of the elementals

"The regeneration of the timespace is the regeneration of the elementals."

is a line from chapter 11 which is relevant today while it is DALI in RINRI DreamSpell as a DEPARTURE GATHERING STATION.

I use this "vow" in order to explain the 2 versions for KWEEK notation:

This day is for instance day 18 in KWEEKMOON ... which is 3 days / 72 hours ahead of the DREAM for pioneering and psi reasonings / truths on intend.

So this is the 9th day of the 2nd serie of 9 - closing that serial and getting all into 3 - the third kweek from day 19-27 : 9 daya all making the third week and accomplishing the whole moon into daya 28 - as a 0 / zero : preparing the next moon of 27 days ... by a whole transfer.

In short notation it is 2.9 today ... where we are attuned in the preceeding numbers 1.3 while those indicate the yearseal and the current moon in a sequencenumber: 1 for DRAGON 1 - 1st seal of the whole TZOLKIN matrix ; 3 for the DEER MOON in 13MOON setup.

So a more complete notation is for today ...

But then what is the elemental notation?

That notation is getting us into 5 numbers here: ... where 3.3 spells third subweek of 3 days and the 3rd day of that ...

At day 28 we will see that "Daya of Moon Experience" is noted as , which is given sound by "four zero" ...

Then giving the 5 number notation in elementary and on mentality mood gives the number and that one sounds as "four zero zero" ... which is a sort of selfcommanding / self generative mantra! it is a paradox looping affirmation which simply characterizes the 2nd creation.

"for zero zero"

S'ace ~ psi'ing year zero on LIFEKWEEK ~ SOULDAYA ))) ~ SILIAUM ~ (((

from ALPHA to ))) ALPHOEN (((

here we see the ALPHA seal as 5th of 7 inner seals; and 6th out of 9 as the whole:

In origin those seals are linked to a Padmasambhava Mantra: "I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food. I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole." which is published by Mystery Queen and by Global Genius Voter , "disciples" / awakened human "noospherica" of LawofTime RINRI Project .

In KWEEK spell from a BOLON IK imprinted vessel this broadcast by blogger as an instrument the RINRI gathering is at a departure station where the flight is prepared and "tested" in simulators. Then the KWEEK is visualizing what this means at the ARRIVAL station so we are prepared for the new world at that destiny from the flight as an adventure, both individually as well as one whole mass aligned.

So here it happens that the origin ALPHA seal is a spheric image that sort of cubes again by accepting the whole new pictur / perception / way of travelling bodily traffic into an order that "civilizes" on a conduct of value, human value, planetary human value.

In fact the ALPHA seal is inspirator for the call "ALPHOEN" - origin ALPHAOEN slightly mutated by natural evidence - which is addressed to one of nine days - "daya" - in kweekspell. The kweekspell is numerically spelled by the 9991 - 9:9::9:1 - frequency and lineup for 28 days / a full moon experience. Which is not exactly predicting the FULL MOON - while that is an illustration for the livelihood brought by this planet.


Let us see for the 3 line-ups as living practices in the 3 alternative kweeks:

Kweek1: -KALI-ALPHA-GAMMA- : : -7-1-6- :: love & spiral

Kweek2: -BIO-ALPHA-SELI- : : -0-1-2- :: live & order

Kweek3: -LIMI-ALPHA-DALI- : : -4-1-5- :: void & blind (on intuition)


Today - DreamSpellKin074 is vibrating the mayan notation for 144: 7.4 in vigesimal (20x7+4) ; 144 is an important fractal especially in sound but then for universe and for time and space synchronizations !


Also it brings together 022 and 052 ... where 52 vibrates both Cosmic Humans as well as 52 weeks in Gregorian Calendar - to be pivoted into the stretched version for a time reference where all people fuse on religare - the verb that binds all ones in one ...

See the article on PI

This as spin of the daya ;-) so to saya ~~~

==> Uxmal, Mexico as ancient rootchakra base sounding a new cycle

))) ~ A L P H O E N ~ (((

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the shifting image of PI

i had a new view and perception on the intelligent outcomes that underline pi ... (well, i did not check this on a scientific string). I came to this from inspiration given by TMQ, where i posted this text (too):

s'ace - cees de groot (02:54:19) :

Dear Q, notice this on pi = 3,14159265…

this gives some notions that can be effective in intelligent research and after that in effective usage for things that design intelligent … or things that already did construct things on intelligent design objects and scriptures as menu’s for “diplomants”.

3 is the three , the boddhysatva object related to the buddha figure and masses of individuals having taken that as a belief system to anchor their life, thair doings, their teachingsw as an estafette through time and generations as a “sealed and holy guarantee” for ones souls to cover & uncover.

14 is the human hand and it is sealed in its number 5 which is practiced as the human lead on the planet; in a pity they sometimes are used to group in a beneficiary silence for where it concerns relations and trade as a cover for exchanging property / goods / ideas. Often a pentagram and a Pentagon is reigning in this illusion fractal for public / planetary goods as a wealth and abundant world to share.
As said before 14 can be seen as the open receiving hand left and the giving, transpassing estafette hand at the right seen from above … . The opposite – 41 – is the interval of God ; as i interpret this as the Hand of God in numbears.

3.14 the common representation of pi can be seen as the representation for the unlimited character – 8 & lemniscate – of pi behind the DOT ; while we can see the Buddha factor as the dominant integer : 3 – the three as a living thing for a vertical figure on just 1 spot in a lifetime (although indeed trees can be replaced – for instance to beautify a total new spot with ancient living values).

3.141 is the interpretation from kweekspell novice as a recent thing on earth. It is treebuted to the finding of a new chakra which happened on spectral wizard (2003-2004) this year (feb 2009).
Its spell is 9 (3+1+4+1) and its is the fundamental “barcode” for a total new frequency for a week which was just based on 5+2=7 (facilitating “work” and “slavery” ). The new set-up is in fact a matter of practicing the dreamspell on the planet and therefor can be seen as the arrival sites view on the space and time we share, live and love and “stream on” all the time in a continuous illusion giving high normative at relational behavior.
In fact we might even interpret it as the Tzolkin Colours and internal design (given by intelligent/noospheric relay).

3 is as RED and initiates … space in a time, a moment as idea receiver
. is as WHITE and is mysterious for its MEMORY learning curve
1 is as BLUE and transforms once; when changed it did germ as a seed to grow
4 is as YELLOW and it refined the community with a self-existing entity as “a newborn child”: how to give this one a place and free life to spark its talent?
1 is as factor 9 the guarantee for a “whole design” which makes all people and all living phenomenons “a credit” , an honouring as respect, a value which defines all mosaic as intelligent mosaic :{ as kweekspell just guarantees that }:


the last theory is even changing the saying “One Four ALL ; ALL for One” (14… ; …41) into (141… ; … 141): “One Four One ALL ; ALL One for One” … which may need some contemplation in sessions.

Have a nice shift into the second half of the 3rd Moon in SEED self-existing moods ;-)

i´ll end up this blog by seeing for the figure "02:54:19"

02 i see as a lunar and wind symbol; it also points at second (creation)
54 is a nine; either self-existing serpent; overtone seed; lunar wind in REED1 wave
19 is also interconnected to the writings of Muhammed in the Quran (such as noted in Time and Technosphere by José Arguelles) - numerically 19 is as 10 : either perfection or the new round counting to 18 considering the 9 looping interval as a table of 9. (note that in this observation 19 is number 1 for the third round a 9 sequence builts up - that rounds marker is 27 ... the synchronization for 3 kweeks celebrated at 28 - 0 ;-)

in peace at a pace, s'ace

Later this daya i wrote an article on the 8th SOULDAYA in the KweekSpell from july23:

what a significant(a) daya!

in Dreamspell it is day 15 in a 13MoonSpell which is defined on a (BLACK/PANDORA) BOX where the X is the symbol for 4 and 1: 4 outer points and 1 crossing – the interval of God in 1 Character. We also tremble this Alliance with the equation 7:7::7:7 – but then what for?

High 5 is similar as 1 ~ 5 up and slamming another ones High Five.

What For / :: ?

(How to respond to this Question “All one for One”? & “One for One All”?)

Giving “the Shift” a Clue the Bolon Ik Way of Communicating a Conduct is by communicating as well “Y” as “Q” …

Y is a crossing of either 3 roads or where 3 spaces fuse …; here the metaphore of the 4 + 1 elements pivotes to “3 +1 in 1″ , that is the Fire element is a typical process element which fuses the three Water, Earth and Air where Ether is all around as the FieldFactor / as DivineRatio / as God PrincipleS. So getting this in a formula 3×9+1=28 where : 3 is as Water, Earth & Air; 1 is as Fire and 9 represents the Ether where all things come together in peace at a pace.

“The Full Moon also represents a turning point as the waning Moon begins it’s Return Journey to another New Moon.”

In 28/2 setup day 14 is either “a twin day” to day 14 while the second part of the circle of 28 days returns to its beginning: 1 (day 28); or it is already returning and then day 15 aligns to day 13 … which makes day 27 parallel to day 1 and day 28 becomes a special day which portals to the next moon : day 0 / zero and synchronizing 27 days with the coming 27 ones … .

In 7:7::7:7 setting we cannot see this zeroday(a) … therefor kweekspell – Bolon Iks “KaliKey” proposal/”solvation” liberating Pacal Votans Spirit on the Planet and in its Family where it concerns Solar and Galactic embeddings is to the setting 9:9::9:1 as the representation for 28 – twenty eight.

Today we have day 18 (9) in kweekspell it is the 8th SOULdaya having initiated this revelation on DRAGON1 – the origin SEAL at Magnetic Interval affirming the DREAMSPELL codons and all decoded wisdom steps as a practice where all religions fuse in a planetary uniQue and Galactic aligned guidance. This day finishes this moons 2nd week, the lifekweek – a sequential approach 1 step at a time as WYSIWYG : “What you See is What you Get”. But then we all learn this way of enlivening the mutual life is to be embedded in a memory lane that works on several fusing principles – where i promote the spiral method of getting things together and the blindmans method (resp. 1st kweek = lovekweek; 3rd kweek = voidkweek) as alternatives that are as true as the sequential WYSIWYG approach.

This is both in “Y” as in “Q” ; Q is as a Virtual Queue simply while nobody likes the Queue although the Queue gives illustration to the Fact we seem to perform in masses and want the same thing to have at the same moment – the market(ing) principle. In that way Q always goes with O and a ~ (wave, weaving principle). Understanding Q is as seeing Quetzalcoatl – , standing in Awe of the Plumed Serpent. Here the Y is as a pencil with two grips painting the ~ – wave in the O(mega).

The sun is shining here and it gives hope to see the waning moon at evening … Gooddaya! Bolon Ik type also spiced by LongCount Crystal Sun …

skywalker , 8 => galactic

today TMQ co-synchronizes the REED followong REED1 in REED succesive order ...

Question might be, was that REED8 already alive on the planet or is that still to happen ... . Who might know can come in and express the thought ...

Anyhow, that REED - REED08 - preceeds IX9 which is tomorrow at full moon ...

In my life this KIN074 is that meaningfull while it is the compounding kin gotten from 022 and 052, the Cosmic Human at my Lovers Sight ... And this is Life Kweek 9 - tomorrow: Souldaya. A chinese woman even spelled SoulDaya is similar as Soldaya which is Sun and we have Sundaya at the 2nd position of 9 ... . Somehow Position 9 of 9 correlates here with position 2 of 9 ... are they twindaya?

In my perception Sun as Sol is the galactic phenomenon that interconnects us with the Great Central Sun, Hunab'Ku they Maya Spell.

Soul is the intertransconnected life a human being lives on the planet in a strong, faithfull belief systemic as "the numeric approach".

Identity doe not exist ... it is a virtual pointer in order to organize something for some gatherings in a trust ... but then it is time to open up the secrets ...

namasté, s'ace on a bolon ik mission once applicable and guess me : that is now ...

heading for DôME daya october 14 in kweekspell as a psimenu; october 17 in dreamspell where the flight arrives at it destiny station lead by pacal votan ... that simple it might be, eh ... is and overcomes anything else ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Solar Serpent Signal

Informed with TMQ info from toDaya three vibrations come in as worthwhile for research.

8.3 as Samoa Thrill by EarthQuake
7.6 as Sumatra Thrill by EarthQuake
5.9 as Peruvian Thrill by EarthQuake

In Tzolkin Decodex Divine L'ORDer (L=change; - "the Order of Change") ...
we take the order in the figures as SUNSEAL & MOONTONE ...
SO we get these vibrations by TZOLKIN DREAMSPELL LABEL:
8.3 STAR ELECTRIC ~ Yellow : KIN068 <= current wave
7.6 HAND RHYTHMIC ~ Blue : KIN227 <= magic square with 027 034 234
5.9 SERPENT SOLAR - Red : KIN165 <= magic square with 085 093 173 GAPs

How far and deep do we go ~ ?

My specialty , so to say, is the bivid decodex ... converting A-M=Z-N=>1.13

This gives 35 for Samoa and 45 to Sumatra ...
And there it spells 7 to 5 is followed by 9 to 5 ...
(does this sound familiar "nine to five" <= dogma for work?)
Anyhow in this weave/blogs intend for installing 9 daya a week in notime ...
it simply indicates the week from seven shifts into a week of 9 x 24 hours a day(a h erlebnis)

5 is ther dense form of 14 and 41 ; the human hand and the divine Hand (see TMQ's Interval of God notion)

5 is the mid of the quadruple digits 1 3 7 9 ... "the healers hand".


The Solar Serpent digit points to the Serpent of Light that shifted last 20 years from Tibet into the Peruvian Mountains with a little bit help from my Friends - a Joe Cocker performs this in a song ...

Logic that one is in the Galactic Activation Portals as Publishers simply taking Sovereign Governance Omega Point ... as a God Interception on Velatropa 24.3


Lets finalize this art~i~clés by getting the 9 kin numbers is a summarize affection:
8.3 STAR ELECTRIC ~ Yellow : KIN068 <= current wave
7.6 HAND RHYTHMIC ~ Blue : KIN227 <= magic square with 027 034 234
5.9 SERPENT SOLAR - Red : KIN165 <= magic square with 085 093 173 GAPs

first in 3 notions : 8.3 just sticks to this day : 068
then 7.6 sums 227 027 034 234 into 522 (simply while it is the magic constant)
and 5.9 also gives 522, of course ...

068 522 522 lead to 1112 ... a perfect indication where 1st creation shifts to 2nd ;-)

and its tzolkin code becomes 072 (subtract 4x260) : HUMAN RESONANT : TOMORROW ;-)

How Marvellous to get the Resonant Human as Oracle Result ...

Let us celebrate each tomorrow from now on-wards!


Bolon Ik ~ Ix9 ~ Mond'o1 (=muluc1born)

Incoming NOTE : Laws of Attraction, Newton & Einstein on a FALL?

FE & spACE Age High

the dutch link and origin (NASA)

:{ my "etmahl" ') comment follows }:

') etmaal is a dutch word meaning 24 hours; "etmahl" may be planetary charged intended to be an et contact reQuest ( et can be either the LATIN et for ADD ON Intelligent Synchronicities or as E.T. extra terrestrial )