Saturday, October 3, 2009

the shifting image of PI

i had a new view and perception on the intelligent outcomes that underline pi ... (well, i did not check this on a scientific string). I came to this from inspiration given by TMQ, where i posted this text (too):

s'ace - cees de groot (02:54:19) :

Dear Q, notice this on pi = 3,14159265…

this gives some notions that can be effective in intelligent research and after that in effective usage for things that design intelligent … or things that already did construct things on intelligent design objects and scriptures as menu’s for “diplomants”.

3 is the three , the boddhysatva object related to the buddha figure and masses of individuals having taken that as a belief system to anchor their life, thair doings, their teachingsw as an estafette through time and generations as a “sealed and holy guarantee” for ones souls to cover & uncover.

14 is the human hand and it is sealed in its number 5 which is practiced as the human lead on the planet; in a pity they sometimes are used to group in a beneficiary silence for where it concerns relations and trade as a cover for exchanging property / goods / ideas. Often a pentagram and a Pentagon is reigning in this illusion fractal for public / planetary goods as a wealth and abundant world to share.
As said before 14 can be seen as the open receiving hand left and the giving, transpassing estafette hand at the right seen from above … . The opposite – 41 – is the interval of God ; as i interpret this as the Hand of God in numbears.

3.14 the common representation of pi can be seen as the representation for the unlimited character – 8 & lemniscate – of pi behind the DOT ; while we can see the Buddha factor as the dominant integer : 3 – the three as a living thing for a vertical figure on just 1 spot in a lifetime (although indeed trees can be replaced – for instance to beautify a total new spot with ancient living values).

3.141 is the interpretation from kweekspell novice as a recent thing on earth. It is treebuted to the finding of a new chakra which happened on spectral wizard (2003-2004) this year (feb 2009).
Its spell is 9 (3+1+4+1) and its is the fundamental “barcode” for a total new frequency for a week which was just based on 5+2=7 (facilitating “work” and “slavery” ). The new set-up is in fact a matter of practicing the dreamspell on the planet and therefor can be seen as the arrival sites view on the space and time we share, live and love and “stream on” all the time in a continuous illusion giving high normative at relational behavior.
In fact we might even interpret it as the Tzolkin Colours and internal design (given by intelligent/noospheric relay).

3 is as RED and initiates … space in a time, a moment as idea receiver
. is as WHITE and is mysterious for its MEMORY learning curve
1 is as BLUE and transforms once; when changed it did germ as a seed to grow
4 is as YELLOW and it refined the community with a self-existing entity as “a newborn child”: how to give this one a place and free life to spark its talent?
1 is as factor 9 the guarantee for a “whole design” which makes all people and all living phenomenons “a credit” , an honouring as respect, a value which defines all mosaic as intelligent mosaic :{ as kweekspell just guarantees that }:


the last theory is even changing the saying “One Four ALL ; ALL for One” (14… ; …41) into (141… ; … 141): “One Four One ALL ; ALL One for One” … which may need some contemplation in sessions.

Have a nice shift into the second half of the 3rd Moon in SEED self-existing moods ;-)

i´ll end up this blog by seeing for the figure "02:54:19"

02 i see as a lunar and wind symbol; it also points at second (creation)
54 is a nine; either self-existing serpent; overtone seed; lunar wind in REED1 wave
19 is also interconnected to the writings of Muhammed in the Quran (such as noted in Time and Technosphere by José Arguelles) - numerically 19 is as 10 : either perfection or the new round counting to 18 considering the 9 looping interval as a table of 9. (note that in this observation 19 is number 1 for the third round a 9 sequence builts up - that rounds marker is 27 ... the synchronization for 3 kweeks celebrated at 28 - 0 ;-)

in peace at a pace, s'ace

Later this daya i wrote an article on the 8th SOULDAYA in the KweekSpell from july23:

what a significant(a) daya!

in Dreamspell it is day 15 in a 13MoonSpell which is defined on a (BLACK/PANDORA) BOX where the X is the symbol for 4 and 1: 4 outer points and 1 crossing – the interval of God in 1 Character. We also tremble this Alliance with the equation 7:7::7:7 – but then what for?

High 5 is similar as 1 ~ 5 up and slamming another ones High Five.

What For / :: ?

(How to respond to this Question “All one for One”? & “One for One All”?)

Giving “the Shift” a Clue the Bolon Ik Way of Communicating a Conduct is by communicating as well “Y” as “Q” …

Y is a crossing of either 3 roads or where 3 spaces fuse …; here the metaphore of the 4 + 1 elements pivotes to “3 +1 in 1″ , that is the Fire element is a typical process element which fuses the three Water, Earth and Air where Ether is all around as the FieldFactor / as DivineRatio / as God PrincipleS. So getting this in a formula 3×9+1=28 where : 3 is as Water, Earth & Air; 1 is as Fire and 9 represents the Ether where all things come together in peace at a pace.

“The Full Moon also represents a turning point as the waning Moon begins it’s Return Journey to another New Moon.”

In 28/2 setup day 14 is either “a twin day” to day 14 while the second part of the circle of 28 days returns to its beginning: 1 (day 28); or it is already returning and then day 15 aligns to day 13 … which makes day 27 parallel to day 1 and day 28 becomes a special day which portals to the next moon : day 0 / zero and synchronizing 27 days with the coming 27 ones … .

In 7:7::7:7 setting we cannot see this zeroday(a) … therefor kweekspell – Bolon Iks “KaliKey” proposal/”solvation” liberating Pacal Votans Spirit on the Planet and in its Family where it concerns Solar and Galactic embeddings is to the setting 9:9::9:1 as the representation for 28 – twenty eight.

Today we have day 18 (9) in kweekspell it is the 8th SOULdaya having initiated this revelation on DRAGON1 – the origin SEAL at Magnetic Interval affirming the DREAMSPELL codons and all decoded wisdom steps as a practice where all religions fuse in a planetary uniQue and Galactic aligned guidance. This day finishes this moons 2nd week, the lifekweek – a sequential approach 1 step at a time as WYSIWYG : “What you See is What you Get”. But then we all learn this way of enlivening the mutual life is to be embedded in a memory lane that works on several fusing principles – where i promote the spiral method of getting things together and the blindmans method (resp. 1st kweek = lovekweek; 3rd kweek = voidkweek) as alternatives that are as true as the sequential WYSIWYG approach.

This is both in “Y” as in “Q” ; Q is as a Virtual Queue simply while nobody likes the Queue although the Queue gives illustration to the Fact we seem to perform in masses and want the same thing to have at the same moment – the market(ing) principle. In that way Q always goes with O and a ~ (wave, weaving principle). Understanding Q is as seeing Quetzalcoatl – , standing in Awe of the Plumed Serpent. Here the Y is as a pencil with two grips painting the ~ – wave in the O(mega).

The sun is shining here and it gives hope to see the waning moon at evening … Gooddaya! Bolon Ik type also spiced by LongCount Crystal Sun …


Unknown said...

just as a memo :

i checked the first 49980 range of numbers in pi for the "3993" sequence, simply while that sequence is elegant in line with the kweek base.

it gave these for entries where .... is 3993 in the middle of that:


cannot see whether it is relevant however it is good to "tease" the multiplex ;-)

nb. 12.756.340 meters round up to 13 x 10**6 and indicate 13 above 12 as a measure

Unknown said...

finishing this mini-quiz i checked up the 5'ers in the 50000 range of numbers:

11111 1x
33333 1x
55555 2x
77777 0x
99999 2x

what can be a relevant clue here?

Unknown said...

okay ... out of the 49980 digits in a range pops up 999999 once as the only digit that stands "its reign" ...

where we see 7 kneeing at 5 (no stand where 1,3 & 5 still stand at their integrity splendour)

maybe 7 is "very very human" ? or do we articulate this as "down to earth" in times where we urge for bright "enlightened" crystal clear minds (how many superlatives we -all- need?)