Sunday, October 4, 2009


In the sphere guarded by a sun and a moondance where the third moon in both Dreamspell year as well as Kweekspell occured ... Bolon Ik discovered some special things in the series for numbers in the PI range (first 49980 ones). I narrated on this in a reflection on the things narrated by "Mystery Queen" ... at her World Press blog. I quote my comment here to be able to maintain my text when that is applicable.

While this entry is on CUBE (”See You BE”) 9 , i have a pretty curious phenomenon to tell where we were focused on pi – 3.141… last CUBE8.

In my opinion this is where CUBE 8 and CUBE 9 even work together in the light of last nights MOON which was extremely bright from the spot where we experienced “her” : crystal clear … and for those ones who look even a little bit further in the skies and heaven we could see Jupiter at its guard …, which is one of the greatest planets in our solar system – some even say Jupiter is to be a “sun” which from some points of view is very necessary to make (human) life possible on this planet if only because of its “frequency”.

The phenomenon to open is about the first 49980 digits of pi after the DOT / COMMA. By some weird thought i first checked on 3993 (simply because i spotted that) how many times that series occurred in the range (4x); then i checked the numbers themselves such as “11111″ and “22222″ till “99999″.

It occurred to me that the even numbers all failed for 1 occurrence , and 7 failed to to have a stand in “ruling its reign & integrity radiance”. 1 and 3 had 1 occurrence and 5 and 9 2 occurrences. Then 9 did also have 6 occurrences! (see NOTE1) Which proved the reign of 9 in the hall of fame for numbers where it shows their stand in radiating integrity and a perfect navigator.

Here it should be interesting for all “freaks” on numbers to have their say for the breaking down of 28 days in either 7777 or 9991.

We can even see 2 moons or lets observe a Quarter of 91 days (13×7):

(A Question – intelligence action – to ask might be : “open ones senses – as catalized by/at full moon – and let the figures in your bodily laboratory and articulate the qualification for the elegance of both ranges?”)

7777777777777 ~~~~~~~~ 9991999199919 (NOTE2)

which bracelet do you choose?


Then also this “serendepic” occurrence is in the range of 49980 digits:

99999399612281 …

In my tend for analytic behavior it stroke my “cells”/memory lane that 9 numbers with a 3 fractal are there and then 1 – 22 – 81 …

1 for oneness
22 for Bolon Ik & 2×11
81 for 3**4 & for “the God Shadow for number 18″ ‘)

18 is the number “9″ where 19 is its system (Quran/Muhammed number).
(number 9 is the holy number in the decimal system ruled by 10)

this is my third comment … on the wings of TMQ ;-) namasté MULUCK3

"Then 9 did also have 6 occurrences!" In the context this is weird to say, because i just said "99999" has 2 occurences in the string of 49980 numbers searched; then i focussed on the string of "999999" itself where 9 occurs 6 times and that string is once in the string searched.

When we first see to a string of colours as:
then we get in a rhythm of 4 colours as if in a rainbow - a fixed sequence of colours
Then we see for the Bracelet at the KweekSpell Range (the other one is "gone"):
What happens?
And what about the stars ?
(i deliberately put 3 of them in the middle of a harmonic. Strechting Questioners Minds!)

Multiple Answers can be Expressed and all gathered in a forum they might spell some wisdom sentences that give a / the Vision at Blue Galact(r)ic Spectrum ;-) HeY You! HeY Jude & Dudes Too! (nicknacking humor experiences)

One of my respondings: RED WHITE BLUE stick to 9 and Yellow is the ONE ...
FIRE is the element that is always there ... in the radiant quality of anything else!
Having contemplated this might give this perspective to other elements too (and ETHER?).
(Can we rely on some knowledge already put in Forms?)
A circle giving an organic clock on the Human Body gives on those twins around the clock :
a clue to the five elements (consider WOOD as the ETHER, METAL as AIR):
So what confirms here: FIRE is a TWIN Phenomenon in anything ALIVE (and FORMED).

UPDATE : FIRE is a DOUBLE (2 hands or 2 feet!) TWIN Phenomenon in anything ALIVE (and FORMED).

FIRE is for instance in colour!
FIRE is in the LIGHT!
And the LIGHT is in SOUND , ain't it?

Elemental MuLucK Three

FIRE is as the Painter where Ether is its Creative Force and all other Elements are there to express "bonds of phenomenons - as elements are".



Unknown said...

okay ~ to have some insight on the 3 *'s in the questioning string, i toggle 3 points of synchronisation:

Daya of Moon Experience

Daya of Year Experience

Daya of Time Experience

DôME happens each 28th daya as a "Zerodaya" - a celebration typo

DôYE happens each time planet earth cycles the sun - day365

DôTE happens each 4th year and we were used to that by LEAPday on february 29; the TIME keeper Moon as a "MonthFull of Noise"

Say Cheese? :-))

Unknown said...

At day 25 of the 13Moon3 serial of impulses on the planet as a whole members on the united community of spirits are linked in the accomplishing timespaces that materialize the outcome at a most elegance outcome from a guided intend effort.

here one can view the messages exchanged over there and its germ from a dogon.


Unknown said...

interesting research for scientist/students here might be this:

S'ace gets 9 out of PI - ocean of 49980 numbers as strongest number reigning all the other ones ...

Research can get many more numbers as an ocean for research ..

Question there is: does 9 hold his strength / doe it decline / does it even grow to reign it sovereign stand?

Just, reply when some station gets this Quest as a Trigger ... IBM / Oracle / Sun / MicroSoft / Google / (any competitor as university)