Sunday, October 4, 2009

from ALPHA to ))) ALPHOEN (((

here we see the ALPHA seal as 5th of 7 inner seals; and 6th out of 9 as the whole:

In origin those seals are linked to a Padmasambhava Mantra: "I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food. I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole." which is published by Mystery Queen and by Global Genius Voter , "disciples" / awakened human "noospherica" of LawofTime RINRI Project .

In KWEEK spell from a BOLON IK imprinted vessel this broadcast by blogger as an instrument the RINRI gathering is at a departure station where the flight is prepared and "tested" in simulators. Then the KWEEK is visualizing what this means at the ARRIVAL station so we are prepared for the new world at that destiny from the flight as an adventure, both individually as well as one whole mass aligned.

So here it happens that the origin ALPHA seal is a spheric image that sort of cubes again by accepting the whole new pictur / perception / way of travelling bodily traffic into an order that "civilizes" on a conduct of value, human value, planetary human value.

In fact the ALPHA seal is inspirator for the call "ALPHOEN" - origin ALPHAOEN slightly mutated by natural evidence - which is addressed to one of nine days - "daya" - in kweekspell. The kweekspell is numerically spelled by the 9991 - 9:9::9:1 - frequency and lineup for 28 days / a full moon experience. Which is not exactly predicting the FULL MOON - while that is an illustration for the livelihood brought by this planet.


Let us see for the 3 line-ups as living practices in the 3 alternative kweeks:

Kweek1: -KALI-ALPHA-GAMMA- : : -7-1-6- :: love & spiral

Kweek2: -BIO-ALPHA-SELI- : : -0-1-2- :: live & order

Kweek3: -LIMI-ALPHA-DALI- : : -4-1-5- :: void & blind (on intuition)


Today - DreamSpellKin074 is vibrating the mayan notation for 144: 7.4 in vigesimal (20x7+4) ; 144 is an important fractal especially in sound but then for universe and for time and space synchronizations !


Also it brings together 022 and 052 ... where 52 vibrates both Cosmic Humans as well as 52 weeks in Gregorian Calendar - to be pivoted into the stretched version for a time reference where all people fuse on religare - the verb that binds all ones in one ...

See the article on PI

This as spin of the daya ;-) so to saya ~~~

==> Uxmal, Mexico as ancient rootchakra base sounding a new cycle

))) ~ A L P H O E N ~ (((

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