Tuesday, October 6, 2009

symbol as telepathic tool

i begot a sight on a symbol and it seems to telepathically and instantly communicate the reason for existence while this blog did rise in our spacetime at a timespace ignition.

it is apparently linked to DreamSpell LIMI18 and to MoonDaya21 ...

Moondaya21 is yelled at with the 3rd SOUND in the VoidKweek Pattern Once Given by Serendipic Human/Origin Choice: ALPHOEN / ALPHOENIX

The 1st yell is the traditional and the second one is yelled at a special occasion, so to say. That second occasion pulls for the IX factor, which is the Mayan Wizard Seal IX - White Wizard (Wave) <= Bolon Ik's Tribe at Charge, where she is Kin022 and IX9: White Solar Wind: Spirit Mobilizer to install perfect communication on Velatropa 24.3 (9)

When we see the symbol it communicates PI ... by the circle where PI is the circle guide.

PI is at gross sight : 3

The eclipses are as 3 elements ... Earth, Water, Air ...
They fuse in a Fire hold by the Circle which communicates the 5th Element Ether / the Field / Intelligence / Cosmic Impuls / (you name it) / Hunab Ku

While the combinations vary i numerically promote the formula { 3 x (3x3) } + 1 ...;
and 1 is the circle; the rest is fusing the Fire and in detail Earth, Water and Air - maybe all hydrogine classified elements that in total form the Feminine Factor ignited by Masculine Thriving Aspirations at Awe.


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