Sunday, October 4, 2009

regeneration of the elementals

"The regeneration of the timespace is the regeneration of the elementals."

is a line from chapter 11 which is relevant today while it is DALI in RINRI DreamSpell as a DEPARTURE GATHERING STATION.

I use this "vow" in order to explain the 2 versions for KWEEK notation:

This day is for instance day 18 in KWEEKMOON ... which is 3 days / 72 hours ahead of the DREAM for pioneering and psi reasonings / truths on intend.

So this is the 9th day of the 2nd serie of 9 - closing that serial and getting all into 3 - the third kweek from day 19-27 : 9 daya all making the third week and accomplishing the whole moon into daya 28 - as a 0 / zero : preparing the next moon of 27 days ... by a whole transfer.

In short notation it is 2.9 today ... where we are attuned in the preceeding numbers 1.3 while those indicate the yearseal and the current moon in a sequencenumber: 1 for DRAGON 1 - 1st seal of the whole TZOLKIN matrix ; 3 for the DEER MOON in 13MOON setup.

So a more complete notation is for today ...

But then what is the elemental notation?

That notation is getting us into 5 numbers here: ... where 3.3 spells third subweek of 3 days and the 3rd day of that ...

At day 28 we will see that "Daya of Moon Experience" is noted as , which is given sound by "four zero" ...

Then giving the 5 number notation in elementary and on mentality mood gives the number and that one sounds as "four zero zero" ... which is a sort of selfcommanding / self generative mantra! it is a paradox looping affirmation which simply characterizes the 2nd creation.

"for zero zero"

S'ace ~ psi'ing year zero on LIFEKWEEK ~ SOULDAYA ))) ~ SILIAUM ~ (((

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