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How KaMuTH reigns Facilitathors

here a Good Example how americans - Children of the Light/Sun - understand the Ancient European Heart Charged ...

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Starts this October 13!

'13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint'

Facilitator Trainings in Sedona, Arizona

With Global Transmission Telecast Available to ALL!

Oct. 13-26, 2009

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The "13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint" is the bedrock to understanding and physically integrating what it means to fully live in the New Earth "light body activated" human design. This is offered in two in-depth comprehensive retreat training levels so that participants can eventually inform, teach, facilitate, activate, and train others in the 13 Code focus of self-mastery activation, crystal helix breathwork, and ensuing re-embodiment.


For those people who cannot attend these sessions physically, the "13 Code Blueprint" comes directly to you as a personal light body activation and Self-Mastery focus. Every day, participants will commit to being online and retreating within for 2 hours to connect into their personal Self-Mastery blueprint anchoring. Video telecast, telepathic download and grid transmission is offered daily during the same time as the live training taking place in Sedona. This Global Transmission Telecast is offered.. by donation.

THE TRAININGS: Sedona, Arizona USA

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Level One: Crystal KaMu Light Body Codes
October 13-18th, 2009
Sedona, Arizona USA
New Moon Transmission Week

This is a comprehensive in-depth educational training into activating KA Light Body and integrating this creative light (chi) force into the deep self-magnetizing womb of MU. KA is the Divine Masculine principle. MU is the Sacred Feminine principle. Together as one, KaMu births the Sacred Silent Union. The Crystalline Grid is strongly activating all around the earth and it is now our KaMu-niversal responsibility to fully awaken our personal Light Bodies' "13 Code Self-Mastery Blueprint" from within.

For more information, please link to DivineJoy Level I Training

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Level Two: Crystal KaMu Universal Mastery Codes
October 21-26th, 2009
Sedona, Arizona USA
Solar Scorpio Full Moon Week

This is a comprehensive advanced 2nd level training that builds upon the seven foundational Light Body Codes from Level 1 training. Following the activation of the personal and planetary light codes, Level 2 swiftly moves deeper into consciousness, profoundly awakening Code 8 to Code 13. These additional Six Universal Mastery Codes bridge the localized human and planetary bodies into the higher solar, stellar, galactic and universal bodies. This will allow the full expansion and then gentle sub-atomic contraction of Crystal KaMu to solidly nest inside the Divine Self-Magnetizing Presence of ZERO POINT, or what the ancient Tibetan Masters refer to as Dzogchen (The Great Perfection).

For more information, please link to DivineJoy Level II Training

THE TELECAST: Right where you are!

13 code Tele

The 13 Codes offered in TWO Telecast Transmission Levels:

Within each Level, each Code Transmission successively builds within and upon each other to co-create a resonant foundational field of multi-dimensional activation, synthesized communication, shadow/light understanding, divine/human integration, meditation, application, and ultimately self-realization through collective embodied ascension.

This is done on your own time.. two hours each day.

Every day, Participants will commit to being online and retreating within for 2 hours to connect into their personal self-mastery blueprint anchoring. Throughout this dedicated online retreat time we will be congealing, converging, unifying, healing, awakening, opening, and stabilizing the Embodied Collective Crystal KaMu (Union) grid in human beings across the planet. Discipline is the key to your success. Diligence is the collective key to our unified self-mastery.

A Brief Overview of the First 7 Light Body Codes

Level I
7 Light Body Codes
Telecast/Transmission Dates: Oct. 14-20th
One Code Telecast per Day

Level II:
6 Universal Mastery Codes
Telecast/Transmission Dates: Oct. 21st-26th
One Code Telecast per Day



Mikael King, Self-Mastery Code Facilitator, is the Founder of DivineJoy
and creator of the New Earth KaMu'niversity Template 1.0. Read about his ministry to awaken hearts to the Absolute.

Participants will receive new potent Activations, Downloads, and DivineJoy Facilitation Techniques through an in-depth course manual on Self-Mastery. Stemming from an all-inclusive Integrated approach to many religious/ spiritual/ new thought traditions both shamanically indigenous and cosmically attuned, Mikael will be intimately offering his personal higher sourcing take on what it means to be ascended, free, embodied, and still living practically in these accelerated earth shifting times.

It is truly the moment to get super real and

share all that is needed for the Big Waves that are coming now!

sacred red rocks

The Sedona Crystalline City of Light!

The Sedona Red Rocks, ever a multi-dimensional stargate of light on Planet Earth, has been held sacred by the Ascended Masters, Indigenous Elders, Cosmic Beings of Light, and the Galactic Federation as an extremely important hub for the New Earth Rising. As a Massive Multi-Layered Crystalline Vortex Center of Light for a growing number of beings, both human, galactic, and celestial etheric, Sedona is working directly with the new incoming Crystalline Golden Solar Sun Disc spectrums flooding Gaia's Magnetic Leyline System.

Trainings and Transmissions
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~~~ just some @H@ fun ~ ;-)))

Oct. 13-26

spells Oc T 13 ~ 26

where OC is DOG ~ just turn that?

T is the White Wind Symbol as well the Albatros & Choice from Higher Self (Inner Eagle)

13 is the 13Moon reference ... 9+3+1

26 is the vocabulaire given shapes by the 26 spiced (arabic) alphabet ...

smile to those data - freely shared ?!

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