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intend here is to tell the world on the new alignment of intergalactic plasma wombs regarding the first take from Valum Votan et all/PAN in the RINRI meditations and - as i see this - the outcome of that operation (16 ongoing years until 2012) of contemplating a mixture of worldviews & beliefsystems as I Ching Codes, Tzolkin Calendar, Rinri Healing and the human ongoing mind and mindset in a state of the art that radiates its power from - they say - Akashic Records.

That outcome is reason for existence of this very blog ...

And to affirm that in a word i install the term Noo~AKAchiqueTact , which is nowadays pretty unusual and leading to laughter however it might recall "YOU" & "ME" & "THEM" & "US" people in a womb labelled "Planet Earth".

~~~ before i narrate on the topic, a reference to book V of VII:

"Excerpt from Channel 11:
Wizard's Garden

Everything is alive. Everything is infused with soul, or with a vital element that we call life. In the Quran it says that by the power with which “We construct the firmament, We create the vastness of space”—this is the timespace. Timespace is the medium for the accommodation of matter. Timespace has meaning insofar as it is occupied by living matter or elementals. From the point of view of an open mind, there is no distinction between organic and inorganic matter.

The regeneration of the timespace is the regeneration of the elementals. As the new timespace emerges as a field of reorganized perception, a shift in the energy patterns takes place. The elementals are calling on us to return to the wonder of nature, to be aware of the powers of nature – this is where they live – they can only manifest themselves to those attuned to nature."


I set this free because i reckon that having 3 types of week in a moon already invokes the statement "everything is alive" (... "& kicking" into WHAT?).
Than above that aliveness of having 3 weektypes a moon, i promote a various approach of using the bodily system inside each human. So: not just boring each week has 7 or as here promoted 9 days or daya and names given to them that facilitate our orientation; they light up each time again because they are slightly different embedded to one another. How is that?

Well this is why the rhythms of the 3 weektypes are stimulated by (initial) sounds that connect a chakralseal (a "bividy") to the daya of the kweek / moon / year.

~~~ Belief me: on our way through the narratives we discover and get closer ...

So DALI is and will be connected to the CROWN chakra in the RINRI meditation.
The same image (a circle/sphere) is however now "cubed" and used in another spell - which is now the "kweekspell" facilitating IIIth millenium minds ("welllmm").

Then getting in the PLASMASEAL (DALI is the 2nd one here) from our time of cacaphonia made me realize its very existence parallel to my website on GenerationBindingS'ilence and its slogan "Articulation of People". ??? Indeed i saw the importance of bringing the Vertical(ender) in line with the Horizon(Tales) in a "+" sign. And then by just writing this down i remember a vision on the plus symbol that actually breathes it in to 2 minus symbols working together ... That article is here ...

Then Articulation is about a man using its voice in a binding effort reaching out for another man - apart from having an energetic "shout" that sets free some tension in the bodily feedback from some impulse (as excitement does, or "insult") . (i realize myself that even such a shout can be articulated; but then it is preformed in a cultural habitat).

So it must be seated at the Throat Chakra and it got the sound "MÈR" to "DALI" into "DALIMÈR" and thereby accomodates the chakral spin. This was achieved by the NEUREEBAH experiment that installed these sounds in an embedded setup with bodily movements. (NEUREEBAH is a shortmed-itational technique, which has multiple forms sort of attached to the Tzolkin Moontones)

In the 3 kweeks the DALIMÈR sound and therefor the Chakra Aligned has the daya-positions 6 - 6 - 4 and therefor it is played with KINdaya twice and FAdaya once.

here a picture that sets free the 3 kweek affirmations by plasmicseals:

MARK : the upperone is the origin in RINRI!

When one is adapted to some newbis here ... by then we can also see how DALIMÈR is embedded in various strings ... just get that in trinities first and in origin plasma labels (in chakralnumbers referencing the noodigm ')/setup):

Kweek1: -SELI-DALI-SILIO- : : -2-5-3- :: love & spiral

Kweek2: -LIMI-DALI-GAMMA- : : -4-5-6- :: live & order

Kweek3: -ALPHA-DALI-SELI- : : -1-5-2- :: void & blind (on intuition)

So this all might give some exercises that "verb" the verb that comes up while acting ... orienting ... focussing ... articulating :: JOY

your oc'cultivating s'ace

') noodigm is the paradigm fitting the noosphere - as here pre-enlived by pioneers/bivids

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