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intend here is to tell the world on the new alignment of intergalactic plasma wombs regarding the first take from Valum Votan et all/PAN in the RINRI meditations and - as i (bolon~ik spiced -kin022- s'ace) see this - the outcome of that operation (16 ongoing years until 2012) of contemplating a mixture of worldviews & beliefsystems as I Ching Codes, Tzolkin Calendar, Rinri Healing and the human ongoing mind and mindset in a state of the art that radiates its power from - they say - Akashic Records, i spell it often as "aka ChiQue" which calls for a personal alignment in elegancy.

That outcome is reason for existence of this very blog ... and i sense its origin step was done as illustrated on this page ... ("4 post")

And to affirm that in a word i install the term Noo~akachiqueTact , which is nowadays pretty unusual and leading to laughter however it might recall "YOU" & "ME" & "THEM" & "US" people in a womb labelled "Planet Earth".

SELI is the symbol that first calls for water, rivers, sea and oceans and in that blood(lines); then it also is about waves and media and light and -in fact- frequency:

remember: "a frequency cannot betray itself"


(let me not repeat things narrated in DALI and stick to SELI)

~~~ Belief me: on our way through the narratives we discover and get closer ...

So SELI is and will be connected to the ROOT chakra in the RINRI meditation.
The same image (a circle/sphere) is however now "cubed" and used in another spell - which is now the "kweekspell" facilitating IIIth millenium minds ("welllmm").

Then getting in the PLASMASEAL (SELI is the 3rd one here) , going through the red color frequency gets me to the idea it is about my battery - my personal energy supply - that i spot in the pelvis (of elvis - the dancer). So that is my sacral provided center that is supplied with water ; and i prefer crytalized water because that vitalizes the newborn cells with its radiance.

Combining the waves of water, the invisable light and the fastest resonance layer "time" gives the deeper knowledge of the mayan calendar and the Tzolkin. This is the cause to my creative outcome to come up with an image that gives a new form to the way how we interact on decision-making issues ...

here it is - originally labelled as the Generation Binding Matrix:

The color where instantly chosen from the palette at hand.
Later i learned this whole thing is an ordered and ordering frequency layer.
Then just a few days ago i discovered the link in the word Lord: L'order.
Indeed: L is the power of strength in 90 degrees and its contra: 270 degrees (see the article on UCS again)

So it must be seated at the Sacral Chakra and it got the sound "NOO" to "SELI" into "SELINOO" and thereby accommodates its spin achieved as body-knowledge by the NEUREEBAH meditation and its doing with intend.

In the 3 kweeks the SELINOO sound and therefor the Chakra Aligned has the daya-positions 5 - 3 - 5 and therefor it is played with NESSdaya twice and MOONdaya once. Remember MOON is the water-attractor in the Tzolkin Dispensation: the essence of purifying universal water. Here NESSdaya can be seen as the heart of the alchemistic vessel which facilitates our spirit in mind and mindsets. Our NESS is our HOME and our earthly homecoming with intimates.

here a picture that sets free the 3 kweek affirmations by plasmicseals:

MARK : the upperone is the origin in RINRI!

When one is adapted to some newbis here ... by then we can also see how SELINOO is embedded in various strings ... just get that in trinities first and in origin plasma labels (in chakralnumbers referencing the noodigm ')/setup):

Kweek1: -GAMMA-SELI-DALI- : : -6-2-5- :: love & spiral

Kweek2: -ALPHA-SELI-SILIO- : : -1-2-3- :: live & order

Kweek3: -DALI-SELI-GAMMA- : : -5-2-6- :: void & blind (on intuition)

Mark the fact Kweek3 is the reverse order of Kweek1 here.

your NRG'cultivating s'ace

') NRG is pointing to ENERGY and CHI and the YIN/YANG composite of the YANG/YIN entity "information" also known as "intelligence" (=frequency perfectly understood).

==> Labna, Mexico liberates the sacral chakra unifying the opposit(iv)es as fruit

"the horseshoe serials strike me, somehow - the opening/receipt to the left side"

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