Saturday, September 26, 2009

elemental notation kweekspell

as communicated till this daya ~ Magnetic Worldbridger in DreanSpell Reference - Kin066 we have this formula to note the Kweekspell :


where Y is Year indication 3 kin before DreamSpell Kin centering on the day before (KIN260) as ignitionpoint. So KIN001 is its LabelCarrier: Dragon Magnetic ~ which is 3 kin before the DreamSpellCarrier Self-Existing Seed which is built upon KIN003 (Electric Night => Kneight => WarriorBase)

.M is indicating its 13Moon PowerAnimal ... as Bat (1), Scorpion (2), Deer (3) ... Jaguar (9) ... Snake (11) , Turtle (13) ; and 0 is indicating a day out of time type as Daya of Year Experience (365th day) or Daya of Time Experience (366th day). Also the 28th Daya in a Moon can be considered as a Day out of Time - althought it is numbered in the prevailing Moon and carries 4.0 )))~FOR ZERO~((( YELL ... getting the sound from the body cherishing the noosphere et all & at all too.

.K indicates one of three kweektypes who are illustrating the awareness for roads to take into achieving a -common- destiny ...:
1 - planetary - lovekweek
2 - spectral - lifekweek
3 - cosmic - voidkweek
Those types are considered to weave the 9 daya into collective spheres for interacting and communicating channels ... (see also designers alternative)

.D indicates number 1 to 9 and they refer to labels given to the 9 daya in a kweek:
Sìr ~ Sun ~ Moon
Fa ~ Ness ~ Kin
Wind ~ Ur ~ Soul
It is okay to have some space which fits the 3 to 3 bifurcation / relationships.


Having shared the origin setup in numbers and labels , we here can share the Elemental Notation that marks up the KweekSpell's Core ...

Here the 3 verticals Sir-Fa-Wind Fuse; as do Sun-Ness-Ur & Moon~Kin~Soul and they result in .D becoming .d.v ... where v abbreviates the vertical mood (element FIRE; phenomenon "NOW")

in example (this very day KIN066) becomes:
(1st trinity 1st vertical)

another example : becomes (FAdaya with SIR and WIND energy) becomes (SOULDAYA verticalized with MOON and KIN energy)

This is how the numbers keep low and let themselves combine easily in different cooperations ... (as humans simply do ...)

In LA'KESH ala KIN and at KIM ( horizons nickname ;) ~ {: Bolon Ik :}

') designers alternative
simply because resonancy installs an alternative approach on its chozen one ... this notification is a companion for the prime communicated vibrations:
kweek 1 - cosmic - quadro-spiral (double twin helix) - lovekweek
kweek 2 - crystal - tonal by octaves cherishing chakras - voidkweek
kweek 3 - spectral - fixed sequential given by rainbow discipline - lifekweek
(remember this is freely given to meet the transparancy rules)

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