Saturday, September 19, 2009

june 17 - 2004 & LC kin220

here i see how dreamspell KIN220 / june 17, 2004 gives a CROP-CLUE ...

when you count the dots from the "water-molecule" to the 2 objects then you may count 28 dots ...

and this is an indication for the number of daya in a 13moonkin.

the the big watermolecule gives a big "O" and 2 smaller ones - the Hydrogeniuses that give electricity to "a Life" ...

This composition can also be compared with the Roerich Peace Symbol which gives 3 circles in a bigger circle ... the bigger circle either the Solar Sytem either the Galaxy either a Universe or even the Cosmos; anyhow in intertransconnects 2 wells ; origin / authentic living kin/unities communicating crystal clearness.


Then Kin 220 gives fractals of 2,5,10,20,11,22 etc.
And it seems to be my LongCountKin from the Ancient Mayan Approach ...


let us see for more details?

(have to dream on this in a channeling)

byebye s'ace

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