Tuesday, September 29, 2009

54 GAP Red Self Existing MooN

oops - i wrote an article in the cells of mystery queen ... however not all text was covered ; the hand of God? again ~ i asked myself ...

well here the text i inserted there "as a whole":

"comment 2 on mayadaya also <= kweekspell revelation igniting dreamspell from "mystery jestermind" { why not just articulate }

why this different approach for giving a frequency to a daya? is the origin kweekspell notation which refers to a kweek of 9 daya ... where people work live learn T'each; T'ching one another ...
So here T Ching is based on a number 2x64 which makes is 126 ... about halfway Tzolkin as a Whole, so to say ... is the weaving vertical "calendric" memory feature within the kweekspell. One might say it is about a subkweek of 3 daya and 3 of them make 9.
Here Groups of people worl live learn T'each etc. And this matching frequency within the bigger one (and then we have many more bigger ones ;-) ) shifts another power of 2 : 2**9=256 ... which is about the whole tzolkin and to that the Hand of God ... which i suspect to be number 41 ...

Why 41 ?

Well , i see the hand of Man in figure 14 - simply because we see the open left hand receiving in form 1-4 and we see the giving hand give away in form 1-4 (2x14=28 : a full 13Moon frequency).

And then the Hand of God was guiding the Mystery Queen for giving 3x7x7x7 as math for 2009 ... which is not a failure but a symbol of God guiding her spell.

So 41 to 49 (BarDo) makes 2009 ... and there we have 41 ...the Challenging Dragon ("The Beast" & The "Best" "EA" / windgod)

~~~ Have a Smile on That, dear TMQ

Accounting 9/29/2009 into 49 is funny ; as i see it slightly different / alternative:

9 + 29 + 20 + 09 = 67 (a prime, sequencenumber?)

or - sticking to the rules - 9+2+9+2+0+0+9 => 31 = 27+4 / 28+3

well , 31 marks the difference of 3 in 31 minus 28 (kweekspell psi number = 3)

In kweekspell this daya has the label "FAdaya" which arrives in SELINOO ... spot : the PELVIS where the sacral chakra is streaming its spheres with WATER - HOH as its ELECTRIFYING FUEL. FA is the 4th sound in the DO~RE~MI octave ... (see CHC-IV) : it stimulates transpassing a phase ...

FA is in the vertical serial SIR - FA - WIND ... the nurturing spirit as Abundant Gift ;-)) "

I see 54 is about my "age" and it is a 9 number which correlates with MOON - seal 9 and it also reminds me to Lunar Wizard - the seal destiny for REED1 (53).

In this regard i also got notion to number 23 in the Telektonon as TMQ gives memory recall to number 69 (Moon ::=4) as 3x23 where 23 is nicknamed by "Lover's Reunion".

And there is the connection with 22 - Bolon Ik , simply while 23 is the destiny for Bolon Ik's Spell in love and life and affection with Pakal Votan - why not just live and act upon that ...

The notion :: as 4 points also gives signal to the 260-256=4 points that represent the "Hand of God" ... 4 fingers guided by 1 thumb ...

It occurs to me that every GAP day is in fact an extra spices energetic synchronization kin/day for that awareness and awakened state of mind(sets) ...

;-)) dream on the life we merge ...

let us share the oracle reading for sixtynine ...:

Red Self-Existing Moon
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
Galactic Activation Portal

I define in order to purify
Measuring flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the self-existing tone of form
I am guided by the power of life force
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

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