Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 2 in Deer Moon (IK moon)

edition 49 (13) on this blogsite:

i dropped a link on Fu Hi, China this morning and had some family affairs on this 79th birthday-anniversary of my beloved mom.

reading the FU HSI made me think it was not similar to "FU HI" as the inquiry card delivered ... so i also found this one ...

which seems in coherence with this TELEKTONON traveling in 28 daya ...

today is daya NessDaya ... which is exactly the core of this image above.
And as insiders know the Tzolkin is also referencecard for the DNA coded I Ching.


Tomorrow is a "planetary wind" kin in DreamSpell - kin062 ; it is said at 22:00 hours on september 22 2009 the equinox is there ... (dutch-summertime / GMT+2).
By that time i may be sitting in Berlin with my neighbour Jaap.
Maybe it gets me from the internet from some days and then it will form a narrative to be set in the diary soon after.

~~~ in KweekSpell

tuesday kindaya : unity day (after this peace wielding day monday)

wednesday winddata : blowing in the berlinwind as "merlin"

thursday urdaya : universal r. ~ can be anything aint it!

friday souldaya : backhome by train

saturday will finish the Week One "Claim Power of Phrophesy"; in kweekspell this is first daya of the lifekweek: sìrdaya ... its sound " b i o v o i d " ...

grussGott s'ace

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