Thursday, April 9, 2009

number 5

This is pre-writing the article for to-morrow ... which is picked up tomorrow (that very day) for anOther line inserted ... and by then respecting the cosmic energy for that very cosmic impulsed beams into this planets eye ...

So ~ what - anyhow - did trigger this title "number 5" ...

Prime pulse was a conversation with Martien who was curious on the theme "number 9" and its phenomenal magic in the systemis of the decimal approach for accounting things in Western Dominating Culture in that World of AccounTing Gold Weights and Carats as a Security Base for the anti-value in Currency by Some Word: Pound ~ Yen ~ Dollar ~ Euro ~ Mark ~ "Kin"

Here Mark was a German Effort to Claim a Value for a while - also ReichsMark - and "Kin" is a Unity Word vibrating a Whole ~ a Synchronized Whole Object.

But then - after some lucid knowledge - what is 5 apart from the pentagram unit referring to its 5 starry points?

Starting the dialogue from 7 - number of days in a traditional, many cultures including, week - it is a digit that is centered in number 4 - which is pretty steady and illuminates a box: "::" - double double dots as 2 twins ...

Then getting to 5 ~ we might be aware of the 4 fingers and the thumb bodily composition by "Darwin" and his associates by any means (incl. scientifically breeded employees) ~ they can refer to input - store - process - output ... and are "controlled" by number 5 ... the radiant "lightwaves" that purify all stages in a harmonic immanent effort: as a matrix and a mutual spiral dancing many weavings as a contemplating and unifying spell.

So then ... 5 is the center of 9 ... and 9 is not a prime - it is a double prime considering 3x3 as a formula that constructs 9 (the "+/-" 180 degree projection of 6 - and 180=numerically: 9 as 90/270 also are numerically 9'ers)


more on that very date april 10, 2009 ... (WindDaya ')

Red Magnetic Earth
Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
Earth family- Core Clan- Sky

I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

This very Date & Energetic Synchronicity of NOW

When we look at the FORM of the origin Arabic symbol of 5 ...
it gives the weaving of a sphere (the "c" shape and the 90/270 degree power where vertical and hozizontal meet)

This last articulated shape of the rectangular is also in this range :

Indeed is the 4th in this range of 9 ; the 3rd in the old range of 7 ...
Its name from Plasmic Approach is "GAMMA" and a rôle to that is labelled "GAMMALL" ...
(maybe it refers to the Game of ALL - Society - FreeDom of Speech & Equality as a fundament-ality : MULTIPLE FORCES ALLIED)

The Letter "L" is its most aligned character in the ALPHABET ... it is number 12 of the range ...

And 12 is the "9" of THIRTEEN - 13 ; considering 9 as the magical digit in the decimal systemic, TWELVE is the magical number of the 13-mal as numeric bond. Well, actually refer to the Last Evening Gathering with Jesus?

This as spontaneous founding-s on number 5 ~ grabbing the creative friction within itself ...


') till Daya of Time Experience July 25, 2009 the traditional DayLabels are given here by the Kweek traditional 7 spots that are Towered by (1 and 9) or (0 and 8): SirDaya and SoulDaya ...

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