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English Kweek Labels

those 9 images give a plasma interpretation of daily energies in the DreamSpell'calender ... (inspired on the avatar known as Valum Votan)

"Planetary Art Network" initiates new things in order to co-create other new things and implement & merge them on our belowed planet Earth"

Getting the Alignment into the English Pronunciation i here put a first draw:

(the classification "typical" is here related to the proposals done in Cosmic History Chronicle IV - KALI - the catalytic plasma initiated by Valum Votan and Red Queen, aka José Arguëlles and Stephanie South) ~ proposals for good fits may be proposed ... by all devoting KIN / aligned earthlings until closing moment (july 22, 2009, yellow cosmic sun, a GAP day and Kin260, last of a cycle).

1st Daya is Plasmic "Kamu" and it is enroled by "Kamuth" typical servers.
It is a Daya that goes before SunDaya 2nd Daya.
Because of the synchronisation role of Sirius it fits to call that SirDaya
Notify Ka is Spirit; Mu is Nothing; T is a horizontale on top of the verticale symbol : the highest view; H is about living with another one in aTTuned harmony (pace and peace).

2nd Daya is Plasmic "Dali" and it is enroled by "Dalin" typical servers.
It is SunDaya ...
Simply while the Sun is the star between Sirius and Earth on the yearly synchonizing Daya. Also the PLUS-symbol is a strong marker in Yellow (LOW is LOVV : Love)

3rd Daya is Plasmic "Seli" and it is enroled by "Selin" typical servers.
It is MoonDaya ...
It is a dynamic and playfull Earth Life resonator which can show up between Sun and Earth. The symbol shows waves which signal the Tidings we experience from Oceans and Seas but also in our very Body, especially in the Pelvis ~ our Electric Device.

4th Daya is Plasmic "Gamma" and it is enroled by "Gammall" typical servers.
Tuesday is a given fit allthough the sound seems not proper ...
hmmm (what is wise here)
Given the Reading of CMC IV it might be attached to the DOREMI ... octave ...
As we know the Universe is a Song so the FormGiver is celebrated here by FaDaya
FA is a sound that lands in the Sacral Chakra which follows on MoonDaya ...

5th Daya is Plasmic "Kali" and it is enroled by "Kalik" typical servers.
Wednesday is the "old" label for this "midDay" ...,
NessDaya comes in as the proper fit ...
It refers to the Hearth ...

6th Daya is Plasmic "Alpha" and it is enroled by "Alphant" typical servers.
Thursday is the "old" label for this 2nd range of 3 giving the rhythm 1-3-1-3-1 in the 9 serial weave.
KinDaya refers to the sound people make from their Heart and archetypical KIN (cosmic characTerRa).

7th Daya is Plasmic "Limi" and it is enroled by "Limime" typical servers.
Friday is the "old" label for the second day in the 2nd range ... (22)
The Channel gives WindDaya as a fit , for the Wind is a Spiritual Phenomenon on the Planet which also is part of a Storm ... which is a catalyzer.

8th Daya is Plasmic "Silio" and it is enroled by "Siliohm" typical service.
Saturday is the "old" label which is adjusted to UR:
So UrDaya is the fitting Charge here ... UR also being a continuous experience that is in number 8.

9th Daya is a new day as the 1st one ...
Having comtemplated the whole serie ... i thought it could be Earth ... but then it fell in to honor each Soul on each as a wonderful vibration to have this in the line-up of 9 Daya a Kweek ("week of 9 days).
So SoulDay is its English Reference ...

This 9th Daya is as a Akashic Recorder "Bolon" which is enroled by "BolonK" typical service mostly at pivotal times. The K is as a worldbridger "Ka"Ra"cter(RA)which links through to KaMuTH (1st day next Daya); Once every BOLON occurs it is GROUOED by an intermediate Daya: Day of Moon Experience. Packaging in sets of Three accommodates the mind and body vehicles in their attuning concerts with life and relatives / relationships addressed.

Now Here in Aligned Order :


And then you all come in and have some "votes" / a voice ... to this ...

Namasté S'ace

notion from natural = cosmic (re)source:

in a classification
sensory quantum: sundaya ~ moondaya ~ fadaya
telepathic quantum: kindaya ~ winddaya ~ urdaya
catalytic agenture: sirdaya ~ nessdaya ~ souldaya

from the bivid-decodex numeric conversion table this line up gives the numbers:
27~50~7~34~30~15~26~34~38 :: 261 ...
Given the TzolKin Cycle as a Synchronizer this translates into number 1 (261-260)
Red Magnetic Dragon

(given the mission of all this coördinated with the Harmonic Conversion this means July 23, 2009 is a crucial dat for the planet and all its life ~ as i see this)

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