Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 alternative orders in 3 kweek-streams

Last Weeks Waves came bye and weaved in aNother "mapping".

in my collaborative efforts with spirits i ~ S'ace gave free an image which needs some story lines (links will follow soon):

first the 3 kweeks addup to number 27 - which metaphorically is either the enter key or the space key considering the "standard of 26" as given base - while it is based on bio13: 2x13=26 (a)rhythmatick.

number 28 is either 28 as finishing marker for the range ahead of it or it simply is number 0 (grandfather / grandmother / granted )

here the picture:

Shortly Said : we might agree upon the next interconnective labels for the 9 daya, the 3 kweeks and the DôME (still waiting for a responding effort by VV/PAN associates):

as initiated we here rely on the 1 to 9 labels SÌRdaya ~ SUNdaya ~ MOONdaya ~ FAdaya ~ NESSdaya ~ KINdaya ~ WINDDAYA ~ URDAYA ~ SOULdaya ... and to the typomap aligned - based on DREAMspell Awakening - resp. MAGNETIC - LUNAR - ELECTRIC - SELF-EXISTING - OVERTONE ~ RHYTHMIC ~ RESONANT ~ GALACTIC ~ SOLAR

on a similar way we label the kweek as LOVEkweek ~ LIFEkweek ~ VOIDkweek ') ... and the typomap aligned - simply while it was the baring mother involved/evolved - resp. PLANETARY - SPECTRAL - CRYSTAL

so rehearse this in twining setup: Planetary Lovekweek - Spectral Lifekweek - Crystal Voidkweek (sense the combination synergetic feedback)

1 DôME
is the ultimate daya interconnected to all 27 daya before and following (: ! :)
in words associated to "Daya of Moon Expierience" as well to any other Limerick that vibrates its intention at large ... the typomap links it to COSMIC

We agree upon the CosmicDôme (at lasT) ... which can also be referred at as GloryDaya: once every 28th daya on the whole planet where people live and interact in peaceful engagements.

in a quadrupple of Knowledge Patience Humility Power maybe offering a biovoid for Goodwill Moodwill Woodwill Foodwill fusing Hoodwill ...


post scriptum

the "ALPHAOEN" shout can be given SOUND similar as in the PHOENIX !
this sound simply lights up and clearifies the base chakra pulsar ...;
as all shouts are trustfull at the temple (your godgiven body as a vessel dying time and enlightening spheres) at charge ...

') at first contact here the label MOODkweek was given; however trilogues feedbacked a better label for this one - this because void is a blindmans orientation mode and fundamental state for "clearvoyance". VOIDkweek also resonates to the 1st daya of each kweek ... the "BIOVOID" sound which is always there in a timeless zône.

") then a similarity popped up in the stream of getting these newbees on this wire:

it can be watched over here on u-to-be

Another Reading Getting into the Roots of this Kweek Revelation is on RINRI & number 53.

III.3.4 covers here the 3x(3x3)+1 daya formula of the kweek ... simply while 4 = 3+1 and there includes the DôME "glorydaya" ; something that was hidden can pop up again ... ;-)) smile to that

53 is the twin of 26 1/2 on its way to 27 the holy digit of the 28 numeric table (as 9 in 10/decimal)

what is its goal? : 54 ~ white lunar/challenging wizard

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