Saturday, August 29, 2009

LOVE kweek (1/3) ~ Planetary

:{LOvekweek is 1st in a serial of 3 kweeks forming 27 daya}:

The Lovekweek is aligned to a spiral wave which starts at the top chakra (just 3 thumbs above the head) ...

From top number 7 (given the numerical label in the whole series) it ("phi") spirals to 1 then up into 6 down into 2 back up into 3 flowing into 4 and then back into "3" which by then is the hara spot at the belly ... number 8.

This Love Spiral is attached to the MoonToneSpice PLANETARY in the DREAMSPELL map, which is set free for quite some time by now invoked by the Quetzalcoatl Universal Happening in 1987 (?)

It spirals from the large environment into an intimate center where the heart gives a feedback into the hara and solar plexus aligned "self" and introspective mirror given to the temples functions.

LET US LINE UP THE DAYA of this first week out of three:

Sìrdaya 1/9 :: "BioVoiD"

Sundaya 2/9 :: "KaliKey"

Moondaya 3/9 :: "AlphaOen"

Fadaya 4/9 :: "GammaY"

Nessdaya 5/9 :: "SeliNoo"

Kindaya 6/9 :: "DaliMèr"

Winddaya 7/9 :: "SiliOhm"

Urdaya 8/9 :: "LimiMah"

Souldaya 9/9 :: "SiliAùm"

It might be obvious those sound were installed in the noosphere by deliraious acts in lovestrings.

The Planetary Tone brings us into the ages of perfection where producing is all in line with humankind at large (shared interests and ground for being human)


the 2nd and 3rd week have other serials ... practising those exercises "blast your given memory sticks"

datetime sìrdaya 1.2.1 ') white crystal mirror

') moon 1 ~ kweek 2 ") ~ daya 1
") kweek 2 is the LIFEkweek which aligns to MoonTone SPECTRAL (intertwined fusing colours)

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