Sunday, August 30, 2009

LIFE kweek (2/3) ~ Spectral

:{LIFEkweek is 2nd in a serial of 3 kweeks forming 27 daya}:

The Lifekweek is aligned to a sequential serial which starts at the bottom placed chakra ( about where the tail dropped off ;-) ...

Mark the akachique habit to start a voyage through the bodily centers by visiting the biovoid ~ 0 and meditative state of mind(set).

From bottom number 1 (given the numerical label in the whole series) it tracks by two (red/hot and blue/icy) "worms" to 2 ~ then up into 3 ~ up into 4 ~ up into 5 flowing into 6 and then "ending" up into "7" which feedsback in the overall centerpoint, the hara spot at the belly ... number 8 - as infinity marker for your sights.

This Life Twining Spiral is attached to the MoonToneSpice SPECTRAL in the DREAMSPELL map, which is set free for quite some time by now invoked by the Quetzalcoatl Universal Happening in 1987 (?)

It spirals in a sequential way as 9 daya a kweek do - mark the number of chakral points 0 - 8 => 9! and so that is synchrone to one another.

LET US LINE UP THE DAYA of this second week out of three (clicking the sound gives a narrative on its POPPING UP - out of PLASMA SEALS connected to Padmasambhava Prayers):

Sìrdaya 1/9 :: "BioVoiD"

Sundaya 2/9 :: "AlphaOen"

Moondaya 3/9 :: "SeliNoo"

Fadaya 4/9 :: "SiliOhm"

Nessdaya 5/9 :: "LimiMah"

Kindaya 6/9 :: "DaliMèr"

Winddaya 7/9 :: "GammaY"

Urdaya 8/9 :: "KaliKey"

Souldaya 9/9 :: "SiliAùm"

It might be obvious those sound were installed in the noosphere by deliraious acts in lovestrings.

The Spectral Tone brings us into the ages of perfection where producing is all in line with humankind at large (shared interests and ground for being human); its essence is liberation and is resonant to the Electric - 3rd - Tone of Service.

S'ace ~ androgynous or anthrowgenius ?

the 1st and 3rd week have other serials ... practising those exercises "blast your given memory sticks"

datetime sundaya 1.2.2 ') blue cosmic storm

') moon 1 ~ kweek 2 ~ daya 2

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