Wednesday, September 11, 2013


is in fact "No No" & "No Yes" ..

simply while the casus pops for some dialogue ...

to set free the psyches

to apply some intelligence

to be as spiritual crystalline uniQue ones

How do Space and Time find oneanother but by LIFE , living creatures 

& for all Living Speaks ..

We somehow are antering another form to slicing our time resonating its space

therefor this blog landed in KWEAKINN

see the V when debugging "design"

S'ace, former system designer in CONDOR - CONtrol of Daily Operations & Reporting in service for a Dutch Worldwide Airliner

Pioneering INdirector for a Royal Workload concerning Water Operations

Advisor for World Unity and Pace Education

Saturday, March 20, 2010

shifted blog

dear visitor ...

this blog shifted into another form which is guided by 2 blogspots

- the 9 daya momentum calendar: kweaking

- its walktalk resonant voice

you are warmly invited to subscribe there ...

all the better ...

S'ace, a bivid biovoiding ...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

kweekspell definition

Strange enough the kweekspell-blog happens to be disabled at the moment ... :-(

(what happened? i ask myself ...)

The Spell still goes on here on the origin blog ...

And i have good news beacuse "a baby is born" named s/heartick27:

here the narrative (given on the TMQ-site):

s'ace - cees de groot (03:15:24) :

Yesterday -sometimes also to be referred at as “Jesterday” although i prefer that as the day after Yesterday and a Dream and TouchDown-, still here on the first day of this peacock moon a New Label entered my Mind from Noospheric Impulse Aspiring “the vocabulary” in resonance with “All we Know by Now”.

That Label is Heartick27 also to be referred to as Sheartic27; the one referring to the Yang and the other to the Yin phenomenons and an entangled field where they weave -as one might guess here- : the KweekSpellSpice that is brought up on Earth on July23, 2009 => Dragon 1 in Dreamspell & REED5 / 13.5 in LongCount here.

2 “seperated weavings” give a creative friction just as Yin and Yang are meant to understand.

Kweekspell is handling both from a PSI-based friction at 3/72 in both orders. 3 in number of KIN; 72 as number of hours as a measure.
In this TMQ i mostly just narrate on the reigning DreamSpell Reference. Just when it offers to apply (as here in a definition step) the “MAJIX” -alternative LongCount label- is also mentioned.

This makes today in MAJIX Moon4 – which indeed is about measure and “universal water” as the power used to set the Flow at Purifying Ultimate.

In DreamSpell we have the 2nd day – as 2nd creation reference – into the spicepot with Cosmic Flavor at Earth ;-) Navigating the Planet at Noospheric Alignment where Consciousness Sets the Prime Human Interval at God(S’).

Kweekspell has its 5th day of the Moon (2+5) in the numeric serials: NESSdaya & elementary …
1. as SUNSEAL Dragon1 year (SEED4 minus 3)
5. as Moon-reference, here Peacock as Powerpet
2.2 as Kwelle – also Quelle – 2nd trinity at its mid and mixture consideration.
(2.1 as the Yang Heartick and 2.3 as the Yin Sheartick modes on the Quelle – the SubWave)

In this Mix~Lib(eratio) the number 27 in s/heartick against the Biological28 makes the 28th Daya visable by its friction itself (+1 or -1). This also means they go in a Harmonic ~~~~~

This could only happen by being at “sheart” with my TMQueenY: so Bow )))(((

S’ close 138 in the table while the Square Among 138 has 117-137-157-158-159-139-119-118 , aGree TMQ?
That makes 1104 , including 138: 1142 (any idea?)

“one one four two” ~ con-G’ra-tulations

Having yesterday at 116 (8) and today at 117 (9) makes me feel pretty amused ...
89 is Spectral Moon and Moon8 is at 229 ; while Star9 communicates 48.

have a good daya! S'ace

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

69 the End

dear ones ~

this very day i decided to stop / end this blog spot ...

simply while it was given by the start up of another blog on the issue - kweekspell / 9 days a week - ignited by this one ... in an investigate / preliminary & pioneering talk.

comments can still be expressed and will reach readers & author

namasté / i am as you as you as me : in la'kech ala kin ( maya / daya )


Friday, October 9, 2009


(issue 68 is a little bit late but not too late, i hope, to give an introduction)

This Blogsites spell is to narrate on the pionearing idea to change our humans frequency by a planetary common act which actually at instance creates the 2nd creation ...

This frequency is at number 7 which is programmed by the WEEK.

Recently an investigation on PI - the firs 49980 numbers - teached that 7 behaves as an even number given the number of 5 numbers in a string as "11111" and "77777" and "22222" ... :


All even numbers fail to have 1 occurence for such a string.
And 7 also fails to have 1 such string ...

Therefor it -intelligence- speaks 1 3 5 and 9 are most strong numbers ...

Then it seems only 9 has its string at 6 there: "999999"

6 and 9 spell : the sign of Cancer!

some here

I could narrate more here ...

but the ion that speaks to me spells now to create a real KweekSpell blog ...

Namasté S'ace

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

white crystal mirror

hmmm a good girlfriend of me is etznab 4 ~ self existing mirror ... and has 50years on saturday ... by then kin080 ~ kin of my neighbor ... (weird oracle mesh indeed)

todaya ~ Fadaya in kweek ~ i visit MonKey9 , a Solar Kin as me who sort of guided through the years from 2003 / spectral wizard ... - planetary earth day out of time ...

and then ... i just was getting information from drunvalo and crystal skulls ...
which seems a very special millenium bridging ceremony from the indigenous people - maya , hopi and other ... "ticcals"

a numeric fusion in origin dreamspell and its psimenu from kweek is the number 19 frequency of this very day in the 13moon3 ... and the number 22 in the kweek which is 3 days ahead ...

this fuses in 19+22=41 ~ which seems to be the Hand of God ...

just see and wait what TMQ spells - right at the moment at the other side of the planet ...

GoodNeight ... "Say Gone"

How KaMuTH reigns Facilitathors

here a Good Example how americans - Children of the Light/Sun - understand the Ancient European Heart Charged ...

(no comments')

Starts this October 13!

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~~~ just some @H@ fun ~ ;-)))

Oct. 13-26

spells Oc T 13 ~ 26

where OC is DOG ~ just turn that?

T is the White Wind Symbol as well the Albatros & Choice from Higher Self (Inner Eagle)

13 is the 13Moon reference ... 9+3+1

26 is the vocabulaire given shapes by the 26 spiced (arabic) alphabet ...

smile to those data - freely shared ?!