Friday, October 9, 2009


(issue 68 is a little bit late but not too late, i hope, to give an introduction)

This Blogsites spell is to narrate on the pionearing idea to change our humans frequency by a planetary common act which actually at instance creates the 2nd creation ...

This frequency is at number 7 which is programmed by the WEEK.

Recently an investigation on PI - the firs 49980 numbers - teached that 7 behaves as an even number given the number of 5 numbers in a string as "11111" and "77777" and "22222" ... :


All even numbers fail to have 1 occurence for such a string.
And 7 also fails to have 1 such string ...

Therefor it -intelligence- speaks 1 3 5 and 9 are most strong numbers ...

Then it seems only 9 has its string at 6 there: "999999"

6 and 9 spell : the sign of Cancer!

some here

I could narrate more here ...

but the ion that speaks to me spells now to create a real KweekSpell blog ...

Namasté S'ace

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