Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arising Revelating Structure - Momentum

to me - s'ace, creator of this blog/kweek site - it is clear for some period we human (race) are shifting via pre-cosmic into cosmic aeons.

being inspired by electrifying imagination radiance leads the dance - which always has been the prime lead from zero - being empty as a buddha ...

here i link through to a phrase :
"Thus, the time for new structures has come. The time for structures that implement consciousness and freedom has come."

I invite you - reader - potential partaker - wimss (when i maya saya so)- to give way to your ups and downs on the idea to shift the week as a timing amplitude for a moon & year guiding days / daya into the kweek (range of 9 days for a measure of time and "platina ratio" natural follower of the "golden ratio").

i will give an ex- - correction- in-ample in the reply area of this topic.

namaste s'ace

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cees de groot said...

in-ample promoting new stories by kweek amplitude structuring:

in life we adjust our actions into structures facilitating an order ... in the gaps between these orders we promote chaos , another order which brings the best out of our creative talents.

then we need dreamtimes related to sleep too ...

but then why isnt life as in the dream ...

this topic is lectured by my friend VeroniKA this very weekend in Heilgkreutztal / Germany.

as the day itself might be fractaled in 8 hours duty - 8 hours exploring - 8 hours leisure ... then it can easily be exposed to the week of 9 daya , simply because it has the 3 - 3 - 3 vibration in itself.

Of course the 1-3-1-3-1 spell also is similar and can set free the pyramidal structure that facilitates inter and transrelational forces in a smooth revelating dance , a reality vortex

pass through s'ace