Wednesday, September 9, 2009

" NEU ~ REE ~ BAH "

... is an initiating SOUND in 3 syllables which started its journey in 2005.

it's basic idea was received from jacques, a guy who later invented a new musicstandard and developed that to "a product" with its intention its name: "Tuning the Future".

the area for this idea was located in Culemborg where two companies were exercising for a product line which had the pioneering label "ahafun". The partnears beared labels in the sphere of "fundamental" and "mental fitness company". (i seemed to understand company as similar as "companionship")


then this neureebah was based on given sounds that belong to a specific chakra; meaning a specific sound cherishes a chakra centre to its peace and pace (so function and essential contact). From chakra root to crown - 1 to 7 - it gave the 7 sounds "NEU" ~ "WHO" ~ "OHM" ~ "BAH" ~ "EYE" ~ "SAY" ~ "REE" .

As one sees: sounds for chakra 1, 7 and 4 gave NEU REE BAH ...
(it was also inspired by the name for a socalled 12th planet "NIBURU"/"NIBIRU")

And there a movement by the body / bodies in a circle was added to guide the fusing of SOUND and "RHYTHM" and so (the idea of) "RHYME".

In 2008 at La Ripe Blanche a guy was fascinated by this serial and also teached me the 5th one was not accurate place ... why? ... well it is a closing sound "EYE" and so it had to be changed to "Mèr" ~ "MÈR - the word for an OCEAN or SEA (of love?). Also words as THERE and WHERE give a similar sound to cherish the 5th chakra.

In 2009 the "Ripened NeuReeBah" was ready to be installed in a merging project where the RINRI project , the Tzolkin mission and the NOODIGM come together. Where "noodigm" is the label for the shifted paradigm and is attached to its ground of existence often related to names/historic persons as Vernadsky and de Chardin.

NOODIGM is - as from my view of pioneering - the whole revelation given a flight from this very blog. It is the rhythm of 9991 and it is related to both the formula 3 x ( 3 x 3 ) + 1 and the 13moon movement where the DOOT is pivoted to DôME ~ DôYE ~ DôTE, resp. daya of Moon Expierience , - Year - & - Time - (every 4th = "leapyear").

Then here the NEUREEBAH comes in where the sounds for the 9 daya transguide the 9 days a kweek (total of 27 daya : 28 minus 1).

those sounds are to be found just before this edition where i have spoken on the LOVEkweek the LIVEkweek and the VOIDkweek.

To be complete ... the 28th daya is also the zero-daya of each moon where all people on the planet grid on a humane fractal/agreement that is freed from (former/priest) occult behaviourals to control the peoples free mindsets.

This is why that daya is either labelled by the COSMIC (13th) tone from the MOONTONE map given by the DREAMSPELL and it is to be understood as the GLORYDAYA - where all people give their credit and honour to that unifying thought and grace.

Namasté ~ In Lak'ech ala Kin ~ "Neureebah" Y'our S'ace

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