Friday, March 6, 2009

Gift From Wind5 Day28 in Storm3 Year

This Blog is given by being inspired by the Noosphere HarmoniQ of the DreamSpell Initiation Program. A source for that is law~of~time and many people attach their art to that on various ways - including manymany websites and above all noospheric memo's "in the memory bank for all - the noosphere itself (final destiny for cybersphere practioners).

As a Root-idea this Dreamspell gives 1 Day out of Time/Year - "DooT" and in a 4 year rhythm it adds to that a Day out of Fouryearspan - "DooF" ... (because of the Popeular Dominance still feb-29 which will/has to vanish in a common planetary peoples rise).

Now a perfect new week dispensation is affirmed to the noosphere - and this blog is meant to gather its energetic catalistic agent by information by aa avatar / webmaster doing its act on a flow given.

3 times 3 is nine and everyone sings his own song
means a week will have 9 kin / days ; and a moon 3 weeks + one day out of MooN ...

This idea entered our sphere on the Dreamspell Day given in the Title ...
reference for "the old" : march 6 ~ 2009 - the perfect Day for this New UniQVers'all

Namste*Y ~ in Lak'ech ~ GoodDaya ~ S'ace ~ ix'bolon ik { MooN1 & Reed1 aligned }

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